Rebooting classifieds using first-to-market technologies in a languishing digital marketplace world

Warrp is redefining the way consumers buy and sell on classified marketplaces by introducing new ideas into an otherwise complacent market focused on advertising revenues instead of user security and experience.

Warrp is breaking ground as one of the most disruptive start-ups in Australia with its proprietary dynamic pricing system, in-built escrow facility.

What innovation is Warrp introducing?

The instant PayID payment wallet, featured video listing and other next generation tech innovations are transforming the digital pre-owned goods trading space. 

The company’s data and software engineers developed a unique pricing algorithm that is capable of accurately determining a pre-owned product’s market value through user valuations, known by its users as Warrping.

Warrp Co-Founder and CEO, Matthew Ng, said the company had pioneered the never-before-seen pricing technology to give the next generation of digital consumers a more transparent marketplace experience where consumer goods are priced fairly.

“We are accommodating convenience consumerism where everything is quick and simple, and through our dynamic pricing system we have even managed to remove the negotiation process that many used goods buyers and sellers found awkward or confronting,” said Mr Ng.

“Through this technology we have fostered a safe and equitable online marketplace; no other classified or online marketplace operates in this way.”