Real Estate expert creates a course to educate Australian property buyers

Scott Aggett, Founder of Hello Haus

Scott Aggett, Founder and Principle expert Negotiator of Hello Haus, is about to change the way the way Aussies buy their homes and investment properties. Having been an industry leader for over two decades, Scott has seen the problems facing homebuyers first hand.

What is the market offering of Get Buyer Ready course?

Scott Aggett has been recognised as one of the country’s leading property experts and a regular contributor to Domain, Real Estate and The Project and is now adding course creator to the list. His course, Get Buyer Ready, is the first and only course of its kind to educate Australian property buyers to transact faster and for less – without the agent games.

Get Buyer Ready teaches everyday Aussie buyers how to do four specific things – Find a Property Identify what you want and how to find it off market. This provides owners greater choice and less competition is paramount to buying success. Analyse the Market Help customers to analyse and determine market value and know the real time market depth. This will provide customers with fast and free research tools to get ahead of other buyers.

Negotiate a good deal Show owners how to implement strategies to outline questions to ask which will control the negotiation. Simple tricks can mean the difference between landing the dream property at the right price or missing out. Transact the property legally and financially.

Understanding the steps of the buying process to ensure you are legally covered before you sign on the dotted line. Preparing for homeownership and show them how to transact legally.

How is the course addressing the industry’s problems?

“Buying a house is the biggest purchase most people will make in their entire life. I saw so many people making mistakes that ending up costing them thousands. I wanted to help educate people and show people how to do it properly,” commented Scott Aggett.

“We streamlined the process. It currently takes most homebuyers an average of 7 months to make a home purchase. We are helping consumers transact in less than 90 days. The other benefits are we are removing the stress of the unknown, agents can’t play games with you – and you will never pay an emotional premium again,” Scott further commented.

The buyer statistics are showing a grim situation for home buyers across Australia with the following trends in 2022: – Buyers requiring 2-3 lender approvals – Most buyers researching over 300 properties – 90 hours of time committed – Missing an average of 5 properties – And finally, buyers overpay and then end up compromising on the home due to exhaustion.

Get Buyer Ready is aiming to change all of this and give people the resources to buy their own home. “We have one promise. We will help you Get Buyer Ready”, laughed Scott. Get Buyer Ready is now available at zero cost for media prior to the launch. Please access the program and click ‘Enrol Now’ for complete access prior to the launch. Launch price is $997.