Important ranking factors for products in Google shopping and search

Joe Youngblood, the Founder of Joe Youngblood SEO & Digital Marketing Consulting

The 2021 Product Ranking Factors Study by Joe Youngblood SEO & Digital Marketing Consulting, a Shopify SEO Agency and WooCommerce SEO Agency, has been released.

The report revealed ranking factors ecommerce merchants should focus on for higher organic search rankings in both Google’s search results and shopping search results.

Joe Youngblood’s 2021 Product Ranking Factors Study

This study is the first of its kind that seeks to understand how the new shopping search engine works to rank individual products.

In April of 2020 during the early portion of the global pandemic Google opened up their shopping feature to organic listings, allowing ecommerce merchants to list their products for free on the search giant for the first time ever.

We wanted to uncover what were the most important ranking factors for products in this new search experience and in Google’s standard search experience

Our survey sought out seasoned and expert SEOs currently working in the field who have hands-on experience ranking products in both types of these search results.

We surveyed professionals and to gain valuable insights about potential ranking factors that helped their ecommerce SEO efforts – specifically in regards to ranking products.

The data from their collective input was used to generate new insights into the ranking factors for Google’s two sets of search results most used by consumers to find new products. 

Joe Youngblood’s comments on the study

“The top ranking factors we uncovered after surveying dozens of our professional colleagues working in the ecommerce SEO industry shows smaller ecommerce websites exactly what they should focus on to help improve sales through organic serch results.”

“This data should prove extraordinarily helpful to merchants and marketers as more of their customers look to purchase online,” said Joe Youngblood, the founder.

“As retailers move online and consumers seek a wider variety of options, it is important for ecommerce merchants to be able to compete at more than the local level for those sales.” 

“With this data in their arsenal, merchants, SEOs, and marketers have another weapon in their fight for a portion of booming online sales.”