Randstad unveils new organization to enable multinational firms accelerate enterprise-level transformations

Sander van ‘t Noordende, Chief Executive Officer at Randstad
Sander van ‘t Noordende, Chief Executive Officer at Randstad

Randstad, the global talent company, launched a new organization, Randstad Digital, which specializes in meeting the tech talent needs of multinational firms across various industries.

In this dynamic business environment, Randstad Digital is uniquely positioned to help companies accelerate and enable enterprise-level transformations at scale, by providing access to premier talent, services, and solutions across four specialized domains: customer experience, cloud & infrastructure, data & analytics and digital & product engineering.

What does Randstad Digital bring to customers?

Randstad Digital with its refreshed strategy and globally integrated organization will be led by Venu Lambu who was appointed in January 2023. Randstad Digital is the consolidation of decades of digital experience and know-how bringing together global capabilities under one unified brand. This approach allows for an enhanced capabilities strategy and scaling of our nearshore and offshore capabilities to drive greater access to talent and increased flexibility.

Randstad Digital is not a one-size fits all approach to transformation, but a global enablement partner with customized solutions that will ensure future readiness. With deep capabilities across four service lines, Randstad Digital partners with clients on a local and global level, no matter the project complexity, whether augmenting your current workforce, leveraging Randstad Digital’s global talent centers for specialized skills, or delivering managed solutions.

Through its global talent centers, customers can quickly scale their business operations up or down by tapping into a diverse pool of skilled professionals from different parts of the world when they need to expand their teams. This access to a broader talent base ultimately enables companies to find specialized expertise that might be scarce in their home country.

Randstad Digital is a hub for tech talent with specialized expertise and capabilities. For experts in the tech space, the organization offers opportunities for skilling, upskilling and training through its Randstad Digital Academy as well as career progression as part of an agile, high-performing team of innovators and problem solvers, running leading-edge global projects.

What does this mean for Randstad?

“The world of work is defined by three trends: talent scarcity, evolving client needs, and rapid digitization. That’s why Randstad’s ambition is to become the world’s most equitable and specialized talent company,” said Randstad Chief Executive Officer, Sander van ‘t Noordende.

“Positioned to support organizations with specialized talent needs, we will be their preferred partner, offering diverse solutions and expert advice for business growth. A growing client need is digital transformation support, driving us to consolidate our digital talent services into one global offering. We’re confident in expanding our technology for clients and becoming the preferred destination for digital talent through Randstad Digital, our new global organization.”

Venu Lambu, Chief Executive Officer at Randstad Digital
Venu Lambu, Chief Executive Officer at Randstad Digital

“Businesses trust Randstad with their toughest challenges, and now I’m confident that Randstad Digital’s agile model can constantly adapt to evolving client needs and business demands. The organization is uniquely positioned to guide clients through the uncharted waters of transformation, leveraging its comprehensive toolkit of capabilities to steer projects toward success,” said Venu Lambu, Chief Executive Officer of Randstad Digital.

“At Randstad, we see talent first, digital-first as dual priority becoming a key differentiator as businesses enter the next phase of their transformation. And our ambition is to provide them with the talent-driven digital solutions and services they will need to succeed,” Lambu said.

“Randstad Digital’s promise is not confined to the present but extends to the future of business transformation. With a profound understanding of the nuanced challenges faced by modern enterprises, Randstad Digital offers a transformative partnership that equips businesses to thrive in the face of uncertainty and change,” Lambu further commented.