Raisely and Aplos partner to help nonprofits raise $1 billion online

Raisely, an innovative nonprofit fundraising platform, announced that it will join Aplos, the foundation of ASG‘s nonprofit software vertical. Co-founders Murray Bunton, Tom Maitland and Katrina Huergo and their team will continue in their roles providing innovative software solutions and world class support for nonprofits. Since its founding in 2016, Raisely has helped nonprofits raise over $250 million online through its innovative fundraising platform.

What does the partnership mean for Raisely?

Co-Founder and Chair of Raisely, Murray Bunton commented, “We are thrilled with the impact we have had to date, but in so many ways, our success so far is merely the end of the beginning. We see a future where the majority of philanthropy happens online, and where every charity has access to reliable, low-cost fundraising to drive their missions forward.”

Commenting on the partnership, Raisely Co-Founder and CEO, Tom Maitland said, “The next milestone we have our sights set on is helping nonprofits raise $1 billion online. To do that, we need tens of thousands of charities to know about and benefit from Raisely. That means finding partners with the expertise to help us grow faster than we have before, on a foundation of values that match Raisely’s, and we’ve found that with Aplos and ASG.”

What does the partnership mean for Aplos?

Anush Vinod, Chief Executive Officer of Aplos
Anush Vinod, Chief Executive Officer of Aplos

“Raisely’s innovative fundraising tech has changed the game for nonprofits. With Raisely by our side, Aplos can further its goal to equip nonprofits with the best technology to advance their causes. We’re excited to accelerate Raisely in the U.S., which is home to the biggest charity market in the world. The biggest win here is for the nonprofits we serve and the impact they can create within their communities as a result,” said Anush Vinod, CEO of Aplos.

Commenting on the partnership, Sean Offner, VP at ASG and Board member at Aplos said, “Raisely’s mission aligns perfectly with our belief at ASG that capital can be a force for good, and we’re thrilled to have them join Aplos in our nonprofit vertical and the ASG community at large. We know that, with ASG’s support, they will only increase their pace of innovation and their ambition to continue scaling Raisely as a powerful driver of charity fundraising.”

Deutsch Miller Pty Ltd acted as legal counsel to Raisely. Willkie Farr & Gallagher LLP and Johnson Winter Slattery served as legal counsel to ASG in the U.S. and Australia, respectively.