RAA launches South Australia’s first one-stop transport option app

Tom Graue, spokesman at RAA Go

RAA has created a free app to help you find the fastest, cheapest or most environmentally friendly way to arrive at your destination. The first locally developed app of its kind in South Australia, RAA Go brings together various transport options into the one app and uses your personal transport preferences to help discover your travel options and plan your journey.

What is the product offering of RAA Go?

The app also provides up-to-the minute information on traffic congestion and incidents, real-time-fuel prices, parking options, navigation, helpful alerts and more. RAA Go spokesman Tom Graue said the app was developed as the go-to information source for commuters to get around South Australia. Graue expects RAA Go will prove popular with many commuters.

“We’ve developed RAA Go to help ease traffic congestion and disruption on our roads, as well as the pressure of transport costs on household budgets and to provide a one-stop app to understand all your transport options. We’re seeing a growing appetite towards shared, on demand and zero emissions transport options, particularly with younger Australians,” he said.

A recent RAA survey of more than 1300 commuters revealed those aged under 30 regularly combine multiple transport modes and are most likely to combine rideshares or e-scooter share schemes with public transport. The survey also showed 82% of under 30-year-old public transport users indicated that they would use an app that allowed them to “discover, plan and pay for public transport journeys via the app”, compared to 62% of over 30s.

“Whatever your journey, from the regular trip to work, university or a shopping centre to a night out at a sporting or music venue or a house party, RAA Go can provide a variety of transport options you can chose based on cost, time and carbon footprint,” Mr Graue said.

“For example, let’s say you live in Golden Grove and work on Grenfell St in the city. Using the app will tell you how long and how much it will cost in money and carbon output if you use your car, take public transport, use a motorbike or an e-scooter or a use a combination of transport. You can also use RAA Go to plan multiple trips on a night out – like catching up at a friend’s house for drinks before heading to town for dinner and then catching a band.”

What is the mission behind RAA Go?

Developed in partnership with South Australian specialist industrial services provider SAGE Group, Graue said the RAA Go app is the latest example of the state’s largest membership organisation’s investment in innovation to help not just members, but all South Australians.

“RAA’s longstanding history is all about helping people get from A to B. This app represents an extension of that history and a look into the future of mobility in the state,” he concluded.

With ongoing development, RAA hopes to also provide users with the ability to book and pay for different types of transport – including the ability to buy digital public transport tickets – through RAA Go. For more information or to download RAA Go visit the website.