Qwezi Beauty powered by Moringa Oleifera launches in North America

TMS Ruge, Chief Executive Officer and Founder at Raintree Farms

Raintree Farms announces Qwezi Beauty expansion into North America. Qwezi Beauty is fast-growing personal care brand. Qwezi Beauty products harness the power of Raintree Farms grown Moringa Oleifera to provide smooth, glowing, healthy skin and hair.

All Qwezi Beauty products are made with virgin Moringa Oil grown on small organic family farms in Masindi, Uganda. Pressed straight from the seed, Qwezi Beauty pure, unrefined moringa oil is free of additives and fragrance (chemical or otherwise!) Qwezi Beauty uses a cold-extraction and filtration process that preserves all the benefits of pure Moringa Oil.

What is the vision behind Qwezi Beauty Products?

“We developed Qwezi Beauty to deliver high quality products that leverage the benefits of moringa oleifera and show that Africa isn’t just a supplier of raw material, but also a high quality manufacturer of goods,” says TMS Ruge, CEO and Founder at Raintree Farms.

“Our launch and availability in the North American market is the beginning of realizing a critical vision we had to export our value-added products internationally.”

“This is a credit to our farmers, employees, and the country as a whole. We’re excited about our future growth as continue to expand both our markets and our product offerings.”

What is Qwezi Beauty’s product line?

The Qwezi Beauty line consists of the following products:

Qwezi Beauty Moringa Oil: 50 ML and 120 ML

The virgin oil is bursting with antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, skin-friendly nutrients, and anti-inflammatory benefits. It absorbs into the skin with no oil residue or lingering aroma. With over 1700 antioxidants Moringa oil offers powerful protection from free radicals.

Essential cleansing bars

  • Unscented Neutral Bar

Formulated specifically for sensitive skin. The combination of our pure moringa oil, palm kernel oil, shea butter, and honey soothes and moisturizes skin and leaves it clean and soft.

  • Gentle Exfoliating Bar

The combination of Moringa oil, palm kernel oil, honey, tea tree oil, and shea butter leave skin refreshed and renewed. The embedded moringa seed granules gently remove dead skin and pollutants, increasing skin cell turnover for clearer, rejuvenated skin.

  • Activated Charcoal Bar

Formulated specifically for oily skin. Tea tree oil, shea butter, and activated charcoal powder cleanse and detoxify the skin. Wash away the day’s damaging toxins with Qwezi Beauty.

Premium cleansing bars

  • Green Smoothie Bar

Skin drinks from moringa leaves and the moisturizing effect of moringa and avocado oils in Qwezi Beauty’s Green Smoothie Bar. Rich in Vit A, B, D, and E and omega-3 from avocado oil

  • Salty Goat Bar

This cleansing bar contains mineral-rich sea salt and goat milk. Potassium, magnesium, zinc, and calcium in draw out impurities, and the salt gently exfoliates the skin. The rich fatty and lactic acids in goat’s milk leave skin silky smooth and nourished.

Also available

  • Qwezi Beauty Gift Box

The complete Qwezi Beauty package:

    • 1- Cold Pressed Moringa Oil, 50 ml
    • 1- Gentle Exfoliating Bar
    • 1- Activated Charcoal Bar
    • 1- Unscented Neutral Bar
    • 1- Green Smoothie Bar
    • 1- Salty Goat Bar

Qwezi Beauty is available now. For more information visit qwezibeauty.com.