These 20 startups have been chosen for the QuantumTX Accelerator

Peter Rossdeutscher, Founder of QuantumTX
Peter Rossdeutscher, Founder of QuantumTX

The QuantumTX Queensland METS Technology Accelerator finalised its participants with support from Queensland Govt and METS Ignited. The program offers 12 weeks of intensive business training and mentoring for small businesses and late-stage startups looking to grow.

What do participants stand to gain from the program?

Twenty startup and scaleup businesses will each receive mentoring and training to the value of $25,000 each. They will receive mentoring, market engagement, profile raising, staff development, export readiness and global introductions. But the value of the program to the sector is far higher than that $500,000 of free support. Accelerating commercial outcomes each business will come away far better positioned to significantly scale their company.

QuantumTX provides participants with access to expert speakers from leading companies in the mining, defence, and space industries, as well as technology firms, venture capital, and export markets. The program has a particular focus on preparing businesses to scale into new markets, locally and internationally, and culminates with a pitching event in Brisbane.

QuantumTX founder Peter Rossdeutscher said that QuantumTX supports local and regional technology companies with applications that can be implemented across multiple sectors.

Queensland has a top METS sector that employs over 30,000 people and adds over $3bn in value to its economy. The state boasts exceptional depth and excellence in METS capabilities, ranging from digital solutions and safety to technology and mine site rehabilitation.

Hon Dr Steven Miles, Queensland Deputy Premier
Hon Dr Steven Miles, Queensland Deputy Premier

Queensland Deputy Premier, Hon Dr Steven Miles said this is more evidence of the Palaszczuk Government’s commitment to creating good, local jobs. “Queensland has a proven record in the Mining equipment, tech and services arena and now more businesses will be better equipped to take advantage of the opportunities being presented to them. The Palaszczuk Government is committed to collaborating with business to build the sector even more.”

How successful has the initiative been in the past?

Commenting on the initiative METS Ignited Chief Executive Officer Adrian Beer referenced the strong growth potential within Queensland companies and the impressive innovations of those participating, adding that METS solutions can quickly scale into significant businesses.

“We have seen strong commercialisation outcomes from previous QuantumTX programs in Queensland and look forward to tracking the future progress of those participating in this round. We are proud to continue to support this initiative which has grown into a successful, national and multi-sector program,” said Adrian Beer, Chief Executive Officer for METS Ignited.

Past alumni of the QuantumTX Queensland program include exceptional businesses that have gone on to rapid growth and garnered numerous awards, such as Soil Cyclers, Valenhold, Gilmore Space Technologies, Universal Field Robotics, Exploration Drill Rigs and Real Serious Gaming. The 2023 cohort is a strong mix of technology, innovation, and depth in supporting market imperatives for innovation in areas such as decarbonization and safety.

What does the initiative mean for this year’s participants?

Dr Jenny Legge, Chief Executive Officer/founder of Staunch Technology and a participant in QuantumTX Queensland 2023, said, “Our technology helps resource industry employers predict and prevent workplace injuries, enabling them to work smarter and reduce risks.”

“We are excited and grateful to be accepted into Atomic Sky’s QuantumTX 2023 program, which will help us understand new markets, foster employment growth, and connect us to venture capital that aligns with our export market plans. We sincerely appreciate the support of the Queensland State Government for providing us with this opportunity,” Dr Jenny said.

The companies on the 2023 program are;

METS Ignited is proudly working in partnership with the Queensland Government to accelerate the commercialisation and productisation of innovative technologies to drive economic and jobs growth in the state. The QuantumTX program is a key part of this effort.