QualityKiosk-BrowserStack cohort extends to the US, EMEA and APAC

Maneesh Jhawar, Chief Executive Officer & Founder at QualityKiosk Technologies

QualityKiosk Technologies, an independent quality assurance service providers, announced that it is extending its partnership with BrowserStack, a cloud-based testing platform enabling on-demand, cross-browser and cross-device testing, into the regions of US, EMEA and APAC.

QualityKiosk’s extensive expertise and strong domain experience in quality assurance and performance engineering combined with the BrowserStack platform will enable enterprises in the region to create and deploy quality and bug-free software at pace and scale.

What were the executives’ thoughts on the expansion?

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Maneesh Jhawar, Chief Executive Officer & Founder, QualityKiosk Technologies, said, “QualityKiosk’s QA solutions and services coupled with the BrowserStack platform provides enterprises with an end-to-end DevOps synergy to optimize the development, management, and up-gradation of all aspects of their business application.”

“The extension of the partnership is a natural progression to helping businesses scale their digital transformation and evolution in the regions. We are excited for this new phase of growth and look forward to working with BrowserStack to bring more innovative solutions and strategies for the expanding digital ecosystem in the regions,” Jhawar further said.

“We’re excited to take our partnership with QualityKiosk to the next step. BrowserStack and QualityKiosk share a common objective of empowering organizations to be more agile in their DevOps practices and support them throughout the SDLC process. Expanding to APAC and the US allows us to help businesses scale their testing and quality assurance needs with our partnership’s dual expertise,” commented Sunil Jose, EVP, Global Sales, BrowserStack.

How successful is the partnership?

The synergy has enabled businesses in the Indian subcontinent to automate, streamline, and optimize quality assurance to sustainably accelerate digital innovation, enhance end-user experiences, reduce go-to-market times, and integrate agility into their development cycles.

Their illustrious clientele includes some of the biggest enterprises from the banking, financial services, manufacturing, automotive, telecom, entertainment, and pharmaceutical industries.