Qatar World Cup tickets are the most expensive in competition’s history

Sports supplier Keller Sports has analysed World Cup ticket prices in various sports. Keller Sports reached the conclusion for football: The World Cup in Qatar is not only the most expensive World Cup of all time in terms of total costs, but also in terms of ticket prices. A seat in the stadium is on average 39 % more expensive than during the last edition in Russia.

How does Qatar World Cup compare with past editions?

Tickets for the upcoming grand final in Qatar will cost 59% more than the final match in 2018 in Russia. The World Cup ticket prices for different stages in the tournament and price categories were researched and compared with the ticket prices of previous World Cups – Japan/ South Korea 2002, Germany 2006, South Africa 2010, Brazil 2014 and Russia 2018.

A ticket for the World Cup in Qatar is priced at an average of £286. At the time when the first Winter World Cup started in Qatar, fans had spent £286 on average for a seat in the stadium. The cheapest matches are those in the group phase at the start of the tournament.

In group B, England and Wales faced each other as well as Iran and the US. The first matches of England and Wales took place on the 21st of November 2022. England and Iran also faced off. Wales faced the US. And a spectator ticket for these matches cost fans around £93.

Why is the match ticket the most costly ever?

Fans could purchase tickets either through FIFA‘s sales platform or through the FA or the WAF. Permission to buy tickets was raffled among those who registered. On top of ticket prices come costs for travel, accommodation and meals during a major high season. For accommodation, Qatar installed a price cap for the period around the tournament. Hoteliers are allowed to charge a maximum of £103 per night for a 4-star accommodation.

As usual, ticket prices increased with each match towards the final. The most expensive tickets are for the World Cup’s final. Those who want to be part of the 80,000 spectators at the final match on 18 December 2022 in the Lusail Iconic Stadium will pay around £684.

This means tickets for the Doha final are more than 59% more expensive than the grand final tickets at the 2018 World Cup in Russia. Looking back, the cheapest host of a World Cup in the competition’s history was Germany in 2006. The last round of sales for the final will probably not start until the finalists have been determined. Then it’s first come, first served.