Q-83 to professionalise influencer marketing with the launch of the Kitly app and Kitly Business

Q-83 to professionalise influencer marketing with Kitly and Kitly Business

Following a strategic commercial partnership with NewsUK, Australian influencer marketing platform, Q-83 has today announced the launch of Kitly and Kitly Business, offering both influencers and marketers a raft of dedicated tools to help manage their separate workflows.

The new hub is being rolled out with the launch of Q-83’s first ever mobile app, making the platform even more accessible for users.

Kitly Business is the new name for Q-83’s flagship product. The platform includes tools and a streamlined dashboard making it even easier for talent agencies, brands, media, PR and digital agencies to manage their workflows end-to-end.

How exactly does this product help?

Kitly Business allows agencies and brands to understand the value of any talent and their audience instantly by analysing accurate and detailed first-party data as well as viewing post performance and audience insights across Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

Live content reports link directly to the talent’s social media insights and performance metrics update every hour once the activation is live.

These reports can be run across multiple influencers and be shared with anyone, meaning agencies can keep their clients up-to-date on the performance of an influencer’s post or the campaign success.

Continued content reporting will measure the performance of content forever, even after the campaign has ended.

Post campaign performance has been known to double total engagement, further boosting ROI and allowing agencies to present updated results easily to clients when retaining or pitching for their next project.

Kitly is a new IOS and Android native app designed for influencers to manage brand collaborations end-to-end. Kitly will empower influencers with quality tools to share the value of their influence with brands – both pre-campaign and post-campaign in a creative, professional and verified way.

Q-83 to professionalise influencer marketing with Kitly and Kitly Business

Kitly will offer the ability to customise multiple media kits that can be shared to anyone via a live link with metrics that are refreshed every hour straight from the influencer’s social media channels (Instagram, Facebook and YouTube).

Deliverable deadlines and invoicing can be easily managed all in the same system so influencers can use one app to manage all their brand collaborations.

The live content reporting also allows influencers to demonstrate how well their content performed, as well as providing a deeper understanding of their audience and its behaviour to ensure content resonates with their audience.

Anthony Richardson, Founder and Managing Director of Q-83 said:

“We have spent the last 2 years in the trenches amongst Talent, Creative, PR and Influencer Marketing Agencies of all sizes listening and learning in order to continually develop a suite of tools that are market leading and fuelled by source data.

As a company Q-83 will always put the talent first, which is why the Kitly app sits at the heart of the tech. The app offers talent of all sectors a hub to efficiently create, manage and share everything an agency or brand can, and usually does request before, during and after a campaign.”

“While the sector has established itself as a primary marketing channel in a short space of time, we see Kitly and Kitly Business as the first steps in professionalising the industry by creating transparent and efficient lines of communication between talent, their agents and agencies and brands.

We’re incredibly excited to launch our new suite to bring brands and talent together to drive greater campaign effectiveness and ultimately deliver the real ROI”, he continued.

What’s the cost of using Kitly?

Kitly is a free service that lets influencers create up to two media kits, two reports and two brand collaborations for free, a limit of 5 for USD $9.99, or they can upgrade for unlimited access to all features for US$19.99month.

Kitly Business allows users to access all features for free, engaging up to 5 talent i.e. create 5 media kits, run 5 brand collaborations with 5 reports.

Alternatively, agencies and brands can upgrade for unlimited access to all features: USD$289/month which includes unlimited access to all features.

The Kitly app is available to download from Google Play and the Apple App Store. Prices are converted into local currency through the Apple App Store or Google Play