pulsESG secures funding to respond to the evolving ESG requirements

Murat Sönmez, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer at pulsESG

pulsESGTM, a public benefit corporation dedicated to empowering purpose-driven enterprises to manage and improve their environmental, social and governance (ESG) footprint, received an investment from Workday Ventures and joined the Workday Software Partner Program.

What is the purpose of the partnership?

The new partnership aims to support joint Workday and pulsESG customers to better respond to rapidly evolving ESG management and disclosure requirements. The planned integration of pulsESG with Workday Financial Management and Workday Human Capital Management will allow joint customers to translate structured and unstructured sources of data into financial information for disclosure management and external reporting.

The aim of the integration is to provide firms with the ability to assign ESG goals and track their performance against goals, leveraging data readily available in their Workday applications. Beyond expanding Workday’s service offerings, the Workday Ventures investment in pulsESG also demonstrates Workday’s continued commitment to sustainability.

Joint Workday and pulsESG customers will have additional functionality to report ESG metrics to regulators, investors, customers, and other stakeholders, and improve their practices based on built-in analytics that measure performance against goals and benchmarks.

What were the executives’ thoughts on the partnership?

“The pulsESG team is excited to join Workday in a partnership that will expand our ability to serve our customers while empowering those enterprises to be purpose-driven. We look forward to a collaboration,” said Murat Sönmez, pulsESG co-founder and CEO.

“We are excited to have made a strategic investment in pulsESG, as we look for ways to benefit our customers as they navigate a changing reporting landscape when it comes to ESG,” said Barbry McGann, managing director and senior vice president, Workday Ventures.

“Together, pulsESG and Workday are committed to make it easier for our customers to align with goals and evolving regulations that will ultimately positively impact our planet.”

Led by tech veterans and co-founders Murat Sönmez and Inderjeet Singh, the pulsESG platform takes a different approach to ESG analysis than what currently exists in the marketplace by providing comprehensive, auditable, and accurate deep analytics that can be integrated with both the source and destination ESG systems of customers.

This new level of information empowers enterprises to make more informed ESG decisions using a platform that also provides end-users the flexibility to modify it based on changes in the ESG regulatory landscape and according to their stakeholder needs.