Properties with gardens are precious like gold as buyers try to find land

They don’t make land anymore and for first-time buyers, young families and downsizers, they all want a home with some land attached so the family can gather and the kids play.

Retirees who move out of their large family home into a smaller home, also want to keep enjoying all the benefits of having a garden to potter around in. Having access to a garden is now one of the most important things people are looking for in a home.

Properties with land have risen in value and are now out of reach for a lot of people, especially if they want to live within certain areas. The good news is there are still ways to buy into the property market and also secure yourself a bit of land.

Whether you are looking to get into the market or are looking to downsize, there are some excellent options available. It is just a matter of knowing where to look and what to look for.

Here are some tips on how to purchase a property with a garden.

Ground floor apartments

Once upon a time, ground floor apartments and units were considered unattractive because they didn’t offer a view. Now many people consider the need for a garden to be much more important than a view. In fact, views can be built out, but gardens are forever.

When looking for a ground floor apartment with a garden, purchase an apartment that offers some privacy and security. Most ground floor apartments can be viewed from those above.

Do your homework and find apartments that are within walk-up blocks, or in buildings where the ground floor apartments are sheltered with an awning or patio roof. Also, consider whether you are able to create some privacy with pot plants or hedging?

Importantly, look at whether the garden backs onto a busy street. While it is wonderful to have a garden, it is important to consider the security aspects of the location as well.


Townhouses have been popular for many years but now their popularity has soared because many of these include garden areas. Where possible, seek out townhouses with garden areas to the front and back of the property, this way you are able to separate entertaining and play areas from utility areas that contain the close line, rubbish bins, storage and other items.

Ideally, aim for a townhouse that is situated at the end of a row and ensure the gardens are secure and can be fenced if needed to provide any additional security.

These things will need to be checked with the body corporate, if there is one, as some body corporates do not allow you to put up structures without approval. They may also have requirements around what type of structure can be erected. Similar to apartments, also consider whether the garden backs onto a busy road. Security is important.

Apartment complex with common areas

Many apartment complexes are now being built with a range of common areas such as lawn areas, BBQ, gym and entertaining areas. Many young families are finding these very appealing as you are able to use the common areas without the responsibility of maintaining it.

When looking at complexes with common areas, check how well things are maintained, what type of resident the complex attracts and how many apartments there are in total.

The last thing you want is to move into a complex full of party-loving people that use the areas for partying, or that are so overcrowded you never get to use the areas peacefully.


Dan Sofo is the Founder and CEO of Unicorn Buyer’s Agents, a leading property advisory that assists property buyers to navigate the market and find the most ideal property for their needs.