Procore launches workforce solutions to give contractors better HR visibility

Tooey Courtemanche, Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of Procore

Procore Technologies, Inc., a provider of construction management software, announced the launch of a new solution, Procore Workforce Management, which features two key products — Field Productivity as well as, Workforce Planning, formerly known as LaborChart.

What is the market offering of Procore’s solutions?

Paired together, Field Productivity and Workforce Planning offer a comprehensive construction workforce management solution, allowing contractors visibility into their workforce to accurately forecast and manage human resources to beat estimated schedules and budgets.

Field Productivity

By enabling real-time capacity tracking without administrative burden, double entry, or complex spreadsheets, Field Productivity helps improve the following functions:

  • Manage: Collect time easier and faster
  • Organize: Uncover real-time labor productivity information to make daily decisions that can positively impact project schedules, budgets, and profitability
  • Analyze: Access past productivity rates by cost code to bid future jobs more accurately

Workforce Planning

Workforce Planning creates a single source of truth for contractors to manage the most important asset — people. Unlike spreadsheets, whiteboards or in-house built solutions, Workforce Planning helps improve the following functions:

  • Plan: Centralize scheduling and communication with real-time insight into skill set
  • Track: Uncover how the workforce is performing by tracking employee time, out of scope work and materials installed to help maximize productivity and protect the labor budget
  • Forecast: Use past data to gauge what resources are needed from one job to the next
  • Connect: Integrate HR and enterprise resource planning to provide one holistic view

What were the executives’ thoughts on the solutions?

“The skilled labor shortage is the most pressing challenge our industry faces. It’s also the number one thing stopping them from capitalizing on the massive demand that exists for construction. Our Procore Workforce Management solution will help clients manage their most precious resource more effectively, their people, so they can take on more work and grow their businesses,” said Tooey Courtemanche, Founder, President and CEO of Procore.

“The new Workforce Planning product provides real-time insights into scheduling resources and future labor requirements. The product not only gives contractors real-time, accurate data they need to power their workforce, but when combined with Field Productivity, it also creates an end-to-end Workforce Management solution for the entire industry,” said Ben Schultz, former CEO of LaborChart and Procore’s new Head of Workforce Management.

The solution is now available for clients in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. For Australia and New Zealand, the solution also includes an Equipment Management product.

What are the client reviews of the solutions?

“Dwindling talent is plaguing the construction industry and there’s a future supervision shortage. Workforce Planning allows us to look at our talent pool, identify potential, know when we need to create recruitment campaigns and develop future leaders,” said Greg Crook, VP at Guarantee Electrical Company, a specialty contractor based in Missouri.

“There are so many pressures around us to build faster — and this workforce management platform is a vehicle to do that, removing your whiteboards, spreadsheets, and your Excels. It’s giving you a real-time database of information that anybody can pull at any time with the right user authority levels that you grant them,” Chris Martinez, president, Central Electric.

“Resource management and forecasting has always been a huge challenge. If you have ten people trying to hop into an Excel spreadsheet, it’s a recipe for disaster. We can have the right conversations a lot quicker. Now, we can be talking about the right things at the right time,” says Tim Thompson, director for Prime Build, a general contractor in NSW, Australia.

“As a general contractor, performance is our marketing; we let our work speak for itself. Labour is vital for us, as our business depends on people. Workforce Planning is helping improve longer term resource management so we know when we’ll have hiring needs that need to be filled, and enhancing resource utilization with schedule management,” said Andrew Matheson, partner and director of finance and operations at CDC Construction, Canada.

For more information about Procore Workforce Management, please visit the Procore.