PowerPlay joins hands with award-winning energy firm Diamond Energy

PowerPlay has partnered with energy provider, Diamond Energy. Diamond Energy will be PowerPlay’s exclusive partner, with PowerPlay aiming to deliver a larger customer database to the award-winning energy provider. The partnership comes as Diamond Energy was recently voted one of the best energy providers by Choice in NSW and Queensland. 

Diamond Energy topped the CHOICE survey with complaints scores of 98% or better, customer service of at least 70% or better, and Green Electricity Guide scores of 85% or better. Diamond Energy was proud to score 100% in the Green Electricity Guide section.

What is the partnership mean for Australians?

PowerPlay is a Web3-based renewable energy startup aiming to increase Australians’ use of renewable energy and reward them for it. The PowerPlay app shows consumers their real-time energy usage in five-minute intervals. PowerPlay’s mission is to help people who are unable to install solar – such as most renters and people in apartments – to gain access to cheaper energy costs by using the renewable energy already in the grid every day. 

It does this by gamifying the process of power usage using crypto tokens called $REMI (Renewable Energy Market Incentive). When tied with data from the grid, this novel technology empowers people to make more informed, conscientious energy choices. 

The app will even tell consumers when the grid is running on cleaner energy, so they can make the most of their $REMI (Renewable Energy Market Incentive) earning opportunities. Users don’t need solar, batteries or a working knowledge of cryptocurrency to get involved and start being rewarded – they just need to sign up for free and start using energy smarter.

What were the executives’ thoughts on the partnership?

Aaron Hilton, PowerPlay’s founder, said: “Diamond Energy continues to support innovative projects that accelerate the transition to renewable energy. PowerPlay’s crypto-led demand management and loyalty scheme aims to reduce demand during high fossil fuel generation periods and relocate this demand to renewable energy generation periods in the NEM.”

Speaking about the partnership, Tony Sennitt, Executive chairman at Diamond Energy, said: “Diamond Energy Pty Ltd has been working closely with Aaron & Damian of PowerPlay Pty Ltd since mid-2022, exploring various opportunities and structures to enable the launch of PowerPlay’s cryptocurrency led Demand Management and Loyalty scheme Open Beta.

“Diamond Energy continues to support innovative projects that accelerate the transition to renewable energy. We welcome the opportunity to provide this letter of intent to work with PowerPlay to bring their platform to market,” Tony Sennitt further commented.