PouchPASS delivers continuous temperature monitoring to Australians

PouchPASS delivers continuous temperature monitoring to Australians

Australia came to a standstill in March to arrest the spread of COVID-19 in the community. As plans to reopen now gather pace, Government, businesses and households are searching for a simple and effective technology-based solution to help mitigate the risk of COVID-19 in a ‘new normal’ society.

PouchPASS is that solution, and is rapidly catching the attention of industry leaders.

​PouchPASS is a continuous temperature monitoring wristband, and online platform​, that addresses the potential issues with one-time temperature scanning and distance detection solutions, that are either ineffective or potentially open to transmission.

PouchPASS delivers continuous temperature monitoring to Australians

How does PouchPASS work?

This smart, innovative temperature monitoring wristband uses multiple sensors, and a sophisticated algorithm, to record your temperature on a continuous basis within an accuracy of 0.1 degree Celsius.

Using a small battery and low emitting Bluetooth, data is synced and monitored via the PouchPASS application on your mobile device and/or Bluetooth gateway.

The online platform provides easy group administration, real-time monitoring, high-temperature alerts and contact tracing.

​PouchPASS values privacy, so each person has complete control over what is shared.

With fever identified by the World Health Organisation as the major symptom of COVID-19 in nearly 90% of cases (based on studies across China and Europe), the ​PouchPASS technology offers a convenient, contactless and continuous method of monitoring temperature​, preferable to one-time temperature guns and heat screening machines.

By eliminating person-to-person proximity, it reduces transmission risk while maintaining accuracy, and eliminates laborious record keeping through its integrated app and platform automation.

PouchPASS delivers continuous temperature monitoring to Australians

Importantly, PouchPASS can identify ill health before someone arrives at work, or a public space, where the risk of spread and infection is exacerbated. PouchPASS is the contactless, sensible and simple approach to temperature monitoring.

And because it is wearable, it gives a clear and visible message to others that you are in good health, and serious about protecting the health of others.

PouchPASS delivers continuous temperature monitoring to Australians

Industry bodies have been tasked to produce achievable but effective ‘COVID safe plans’ for the return back to business, and PouchPASS is working with industry and business leaders to conduct in-market trials within professional sports (eg: AFL Umpires, Supercars Motor Racing), live events, education, hotels / hospitality, health, and construction.

Senior AFL Umpire, Chris Donlon says: “​We have been trialing PouchPASS in the football hub on the Gold Coast, and continuous monitoring is the key.

One time temperature checks on entry to a stadium, or any workplace for that matter, is unfortunately open to possible deception or failure to detect deteriorating health that may occur over many hours.”

Developed by a leading contactless ticketing and crowd control company in SE Asia, the capabilities of PouchPASS extend beyond health and wellbeing, for sustained business in a ‘new normal’ society.

A suite of RFID enabled add-ons are available to provide for contactless ticketing/check-in, access controls and cashless payments, all in the one integrated solution.