Polln launches solution that delivers medicinal cannabis to a patient’s door

Chris Nasr and Grace Tan, Founders of Polln

Planting a new seed in the medicinal cannabis industry, Polln is a comprehensive and holistic online telehealth company, delivering treatment to patients living with chronic conditions in the comfort of their homes. With Polln, patients can speak to some of Australia’s most experienced cannabis clinicians who can then, where suitable, prescribe medicinal cannabis.

How did Polln’s business model come about?

After noticing an unfortunate gap in the Australian market for access to high quality medicinal treatments and experienced prescribers, couple Chris Nasr and Grace Tan decided to take action and better the lives of people across the country. Both founders experienced first-hand the cracks in the conventional healthcare system and were determined to find a better solution. That’s when they discovered medicinal cannabis and so, Polln was born.

“When building Polln, the most important thing to us was to build an accessible and affordable care model where patients across the country could get the treatments they needed – wherever they may be. For us that meant, in-depth video consults that patients could comfortably access in their own home,” said Polln’s Founders Chris Nasr and Grace Tan.

“Beyond making medicinal cannabis treatment more accessible, this model also eases any fears around judgement (which in turn may help to break some of the associated stigma).”

“We’re building a future for healthcare. From telehealth and treatment delivery to unique health products and continuous care – we’re on a mission to improve not only the health outcomes of our patients, but the way they access their health services Australia-wide.”

How can patients access medicinal cannabis?

Polln’s solution includes proprietary tech that fully tailors the patient, doctor and pharmacy experience, while utilising the latest tech to provide a personalised, end-to-end experience.

To apply for access to medicinal cannabis through Polln’s platform, first users will need to sign up as a patient. They will be granted access to a dashboard where they can make bookings, attend video consultations, access prescriptions and enjoy the fully integrated online clinic.

Once signed up, a patient will be required to book an initial 30-minute consultation with an expert cannabis clinician who will review their medical history to decipher their suitability.

In addition, Polln has chosen to only work with doctors who are aligned with their patient-first approach, and these doctors are supported with the education and space they need to prescribe medicinal cannabis with confidence. If a patient is deemed suitable for a prescription, they will then be able to access their e-script on the patient dashboard.

All pharmacy dispensing is expertly handled by the Polln team, who will have the medication express delivered to the patient’s home. But that’s not where the care stops with Polln. The firm’s dedicated Care Team is there to provide support, including between appointment check-ins, platform support, and answering any questions about medicinal cannabis.

Unlike other costly competitors, Polln’s Price Guarantee ensures patients are never charged above RRP for their medication or any additional dispensing fees. With Polln, you’ll also pay just $110 for an in-depth 30-minute video consultation and ongoing Care Team support.

In order to provide and maintain such an extensive and high-level service, Polln’s tech has been built from the ground up. This allows Polln to fully tailor the patient, doctor and pharmacy experience and utilise the latest tech to make the experience even more seamless.