Polish startup Sundose raises a US$6m Series A funding round

Sundose has raised a US$6m series A funding round led by DX Ventures (Germany) and Atmos Ventures (USA), alongside other investors including Investible Club (Australia), Polipo Ventures (Australia), Aria (Poland) and others.

Sundose is a leading European D2C ecommerce platform for home-delivered personalized supplements. The company started operations in Poland in 2017, where it has rapidly gained customer traction, and in 2020 entered both the German and UK markets.

Consumers currently spend around US$140 billion per year on supplements, and it is estimated that the global supplement industry will grow to US$230 billion by 2027.

Sundose meets the ever-increasing demands of health-conscious consumers, replacing outdated fixed-formulation supplements in favour of dynamic formulations that can be regularly adjusted, based on an individual’s lifestyle, life stage and evolving medical history.

Michał Gołkiewicz, co-founder of Sundose said, “Our mission is to provide customers with the unique supplement formulation that completely matches their individual needs. We achieve this through our proprietary personalization engine, which tailors the ideal combination of nutrients for each customer based on the latest nutritional research.”

“The finished product is a daily sachet with a unique nutrient mix from our selection of over 40 vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, probiotics and adaptogens. We can, quite literally, offer billions of unique end products to our customers.”

Sundose has developed advanced formulation capability revolutionising the supplement industry.

The product personalization and digitization, combined with deep diagnostic data are drivers of the business, and factors that will shape the supplement market long into the future.

Tomasz Styk, co-founder of Sundose said, “As an exclusively digital company, we are able to offer a level of personalization that is simply not possible in the physical retail world. We believe that in the near future, individualized supplementation will become as common as personalized diets, workouts or treatments.”

Brendon Blacker, Partner at DX Ventures said, “We are excited to be participating in Sundose’s series A funding round. Sundose is revolutionising the way European consumers purchase and consume dietary supplements, with all of the potential health benefits that come with that. The Sundose team has a clear vision to transform the experience of taking supplements and a track record of innovation to be able to deliver on that vision.”

The US$6m raised in the series A round will allow Sundose to further develop its personalization engine, scale production and expand its operations to serve customers in more markets.


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