Western Australia Police enhances safety and awareness for officers

A new mobile policing application from Motorola Solutions is helping all frontline officers with Western Australia Police Force (WA Police) to work with higher levels of safety and efficiency.

OneForce Core is a feature-rich application that puts essential information at officers’ fingertips and enables them to complete a number of different tasks on the go.

Harnessing Motorola solutions’ OneForce Core

Inspector Andrew Henderson from WA Police’s Digital Policing division has a message for Western Australia’s community members who observe officers looking at their mobile devices.

“You may have noticed that a lot of our police officers are spending more time on their mobile phones. They’re not on social media, they’re accessing important information that keeps our police officers better informed while keeping themselves and the community safe.”

“We receive our daily jobs on our phones and can also look up offenders’ details and check on custody matters. Previously we had to manage these tasks from police vehicles.”

“This new technology means we spend less time doing administrative work at the station and more time out in the community serving Western Australians,” Henderson said.

Benefits of Motorola solutions’ OneForce Core

The new technology represents a major initiative from the 2019-2020 Western Australia state budget to build stronger, safer communities with fresh ideas and new resources to fight crime.

The solution is part of the government’s AUD $34.6 million commitment to roll out personal mobile technology to free up more time for police officers working on the beat.

Managing director for Motorola Solutions Australia and New Zealand, Con Balaskas, said the new mobility solution is streamlining the management WA Police’s daily operations while giving it greater flexibility to respond to peak events and emergencies.

“The application provides greater collaboration, coordination and situational awareness between control room workers and first responders in the field.”

“That means WAPOL can place its valuable resources wherever they are needed most, as well as make faster and more accurate decisions in critical moments.”