Podium launches ChatGPT feature for SMBs to automate review responses

Eric Rea, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Podium
Eric Rea, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Podium

Podium, a credible provider of reputation management solutions for local businesses in Australia, has recently announced the imminent launch of “Review Response Suggestions”, a feature designed to help Australian local businesses manage their online reputation effectively.

What is the market offering of Podium’s new feature?

The cutting-edge feature, powered by the renown revolutionary tool ChatGPT by Open AI, utilises the power of Artificial Intelligence technology to generate review response suggestions, making it very quick, easy and convenient for local businesses to keep up and stay on top of their online reviews as well as to respond to customers in a timely and professional manner.

The integration comes not only as businesses continue to investigate tangible ways of building Artificial Intelligence into their operations, but as Google Reviews grow in influence. According to Podium, 84% of Australians are influenced by Google Reviews when choosing a business.

What’s more, 51% of customers say that a business’ responses to reviews have changed their perspective on the business and 46% of them are therefore more likely to look at a local business’s Google listing before visiting as opposed to before Covid. And amongst local businesses, 45% say that online reviews are “very important” to their business’ success.

Podium’s “Review Response Suggestions” feature offers businesses in Australia an effective and efficient way to respond to online reviews in context and in a timely manner. The feature generates customized response suggestions that businesses and entrepreneurs can quickly edit and personalize to their satisfaction. It supports Google and will be followed by Facebook reviews, allowing businesses to respond to customer feedback across multiple platforms.

Podium’s “Review Response Suggestions” feature has been designed to provide high-quality review response recommendations, with a focus on responding on time and in the context of the submitted review. By responding promptly and professionally to reviews – whether positive, negative or neutral – businesses can build solid trust with their customers and target market, which consequently leads to greater brand loyalty and an improved rate of customer retention.

What does Podium’s feature mean for local businesses?

“As a business owner myself, I understand how crucial online reputation management is to local businesses. That’s why we’re excited to launch our new ‘Review Response Suggestions’ feature, which will make it easier for businesses to manage their online reputation. Reviews have never been more influential, but as a business owner staying on top of them – good or bad – can be a quite daunting and time-consuming task,” said Eric Rea, CEO of Podium.

“Our integration with ChatGPT is designed to unburden local businesses – from dentists and retailers to tradies and mechanics – enabling them to manage their online reputation efficiently and to spend more time working on meaningful, face-to-face or revenue-generating tasks.”

“We’re proud to offer a solution that helps Aussie local businesses manage their online reputation in a simple and useful way. Our feature provides businesses with tools they need to respond to customer reviews with confidence, while saving them valuable time and effort.”

“As tech, Artificial Intelligence and the needs of local business evolve, so too must Podium. This is the latest example of our dedication to innovation, R&D and providing the tools our customers need to meet and exceed the needs of their customers.” Eric Rea further added.

Rebecca Browne, Marketing and Brand Manager at Phil Gilbert Motor Group
Rebecca Browne, Marketing and Brand Manager at Phil Gilbert Motor Group

Rebecca Browne, Marketing and Brand Manager at Phil Gilbert Motor Group, commented: “Since we started using Podium four years ago, we have constantly seen the platform grow and offer us many new enhancements which have always been beneficial to our motor dealership.”

“The latest one of these developments, the ChatGPT integration with ‘Reviews’, has been one of the most significant changes. The AI Assistants suggestions are minblowing to say the least, simply incredible. Given the vast amount of data we have generated by using and running Podium over the years, the tone and language suggested for the review replies are so consistent to what I’d write myself, it’s like I am watching my thoughts type before my eyes!”

“I feel the quality of the review replies are more diverse and there would be no way for people researching our business online to know that the feedback to our guests was generated by AI.”

Why is the new feature by Podium a game changer?

Cameron Mackay, Director at Plumbcall Australia, added: “It’s great, it takes the guesswork out of responding to reviews and is far more efficient. Gone are the days of finding the time to respond to all our recent reviews individually, which on average would take us 20 minutes. With this feature it now takes me one minute. It’s a really valuable new feature from Podium.”

Marcus Tomczak, General Manager of Marketing at car dealership, Rex Gorell commented: “Since getting access to the new Review Response Suggestion feature on Podium, we have been using it almost daily. It has been fantastic to respond promptly and professionally to all our customer reviews through the power of OpenAI’s, ChatGPT. We are extremely pleased with where it’s going and look forward to seeing more exciting releases from Podium in the future.”

With its cutting-edge AI technology and user-friendly interface, Podium’s “Review Response Suggestions” feature is poised to revolutionize the way local businesses in Australia manage their online reputation. The product has been beta tested and will be available from March 21. Podium is used by 4,000 local businesses in Australia and 100,000 all around the world.


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