Plotlogic and Pilbara Minerals secure a contract for the Pilgangoora project

Dr Andrew Job, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Plotlogic
Dr Andrew Job, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Plotlogic

Deep tech mining company Plotlogic has secured a contract with Pilbara Minerals to trial their technology to improve identification and delineation of ore and waste type materials at the leading lithium miner’s Pilgangoora Project, the largest hard-rock lithium operation globally.

In the initial 12-month contract, Pilbara Minerals will deploy and trial Plotlogic’s highly sophisticated and valued terrain mapping platform OreSense® primarily to assess the potential improvements in identification of ore and waste materials in mining faces as well as stockpiles.

Additionally, OreSense® will be trialed to assess its use and function to enhance accuracy in Pilbara Minerals’ mine planning and modelling processes through its automated mineral mapping tool, and to assess its ability to identify potential geotechnical or operational risks.

What is the market offering of OreSense®?

OreSense® enables miners to more efficiently extract minerals, such as lithium, which are essential for renewable energy products like electric vehicles and low-emission power sources.

The former mining executive said he developed Plotlogic’s OreSense® tech with the belief that mining should be able to generate resources society needs without harming the environment.

Likened to swapping a hacksaw for a scalpel, OreSense® allows miners to see the exact mineral composition of core and blasthole samples, open pit and underground mine faces and stockpiles. CEO and founder Dr Andrew Job said Plotlogic was excited to be working with Pilbara Minerals and looking forward to helping the Pilgangoora team optimise its processes.

What were the executive remarks about the contract?

“Without critical metals such as lithium, the transition towards net zero will not be possible. Plotlogic is committed to ensuring its customers are able to mine more selectively and sustainably and helping unlock the minerals needed for the net zero future,” Dr Job said.

“Our goal is to work with customers to use AI and automation to deliver the future of natural resources – one that benefits society and the industry with minimal environmental harm.”

The Pilbara Minerals contract is the latest in a rapidly growing number of projects for Plotlogic which counts global mining giants BHP, Vales and South32 among its variety of customers.


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