Planet Protector Packaging raises $1.25m in its crowdfunding campaign

Jo Howarth, Chief Executive Officer of Planet Protector Packaging

Planet Protector Packaging announced that it raised $1.25m from its crowdfunding campaign.

Planet Protector Packaging’s CEO, Jo Howarth, said she was delighted that 855 Australians thought highly enough of the products to invest through the crowdfunding campaign.

Planet Protector Packaging attracts investor interest

“I knew people were interested in investing in our company because whenever I told someone about our products, they always asked how they could invest,” Ms. Howarth said.

“With Government doing away with single-use plastic and people want to do the right thing, I know our company is on the right path. Our products are ground-breaking and make sense.”

“We use waste wool that is destined for landfills, and we create environmentally responsible packaging that replaces expanded polystyrene in the packaging supply chains.”

“It gives sheep farmers an income stream, stops filling our landfills, and saves our oceans.”

“For our clients, it’s another way they can tick the environmentally responsible box and this is what all businesses are looking to achieve as the world transitions to a circular economy.”

What is Planet Protector Packaging’s mission?

The company is on a mission to save the ocean from expanded polystyrene by replacing it with Woolpack, its environmental solution that uses sheep wool waste in its packaging.

With annual revenues over $5 million, the company is poised to scale and will invest the money into expanding its operations. We are working to bring processing back onshore.

This creates jobs in regional communities and creates a sustainable alternative to EPS.

The company sends wool to China for processing as there are no capabilities in Australia.

By bringing wool processing back home to Australia, it will drive wool manufacturing into the future. The facility will not only create jobs but also reduce our reliance upon China.

Planet Protector Packaging has replaced over 7.5 million polystyrene boxes and its clients include many iconic brands the likes of Blackmores, Baxters and The Dinner Ladies.