Pickleball Australia announces global sporting goods manufacturer Franklin Sports as its new official ball sponsor

Brendan Lee, Executive Officer of Pickleball Australia
Brendan Lee, Executive Officer of Pickleball Australia

Franklin Sports, a manufacturer and retailer in the sporting goods industry, announced that it has signed a new monumental multi-year partnership agreement with Pickleball Australia, the National Sport Organization of the country’s fastest growing sport. As part of the agreement, Franklin’s signature X-40 and X-26 balls have become the Official Balls of Pickleball Australia via member associations, clubs, individual members, and sanctioned tournaments.

What does Franklin Sports bring to Pickleball Australia?

Following the partnership, Pickleball athletes across the country will have opportunities to compete with Franklin pickleballs in sanctioned tournaments, leagues and club events annually including the 2023 PPL Brisbane in September, GemLife Australian Pickleball Championship in October and the 2023 Australian Masters Games-Adelaide in October.

During the partnership, Franklin Sports and Pickleball Australia will focus on growth initiatives for the sport, supporting PAA’s member clubs and the grassroots efforts across the country to collaborate on ways to help pickleball athletes play recreationally at affiliated venues, and for those who are competing in Pickleball Australia’s pinnacle events the ability to play with the Franklin X-40 and X-26, which have always been the favored ball to use “down under.”

Commenting on the alliance, Brendan Lee, Executive Officer of Pickleball Australia, said, “The announcement of our partnership with Franklin Sports is a significant moment for Pickleball Australia and one which will benefit our entire community across the nation. Pickleball Australia looks forward to working with such a distinguished brand like Franklin Sports to help increase participation, nurture our growth and professionalize our sport across the nation.”

Pickleball Australia has seen a significant increase in participation in 2023 and it is estimated over 25,000 people are playing pickleball across Australia today. Membership has grown to nearly 7,000 members, Pickleball Australia has worked with their State Member Associations, local clubs and associations and local government to help build courts throughout the nation.

What does this mean for Franklin Sports?

Joining forces with Franklin Sports, Pickleball Australia is the most recent to select Franklin as its partner, joining USA Pickleball, Pickleball England, the Indian Pickleball Association, Japan Pickleball Association, Pickleball Mexico, Singapore Pickleball, Pickleball Venezuela, Puerto Rico Pickleball Association, Swedish Pickleball Tour, and earlier this summer, Pickleball Canada.

Franklin Sports, a global sporting goods brand that manufactures and sells thousands of products, entered the pickleball market in early 2016 with the release of the X-40 ball.

Seven years later, the Massachusetts-based company offers an impressively wide collection of pickleball products such as paddles, balls, nets and more – and has partnerships with several professional pickleball players including top pickleball athletes JW and Jorja Johnson across the United States, as well as European champion pickleball athlete, Louis Laville.

“The popularity of pickleball continues to take over the sporting world. We are proud to lead the charge with our amazing partners like Pickleball Australia, and our innovative pickleball products,” said Jared Franklin, Head of International Pickleball Expansion, Franklin Sports.

“The ability to bring our X-40 and X-26 pickleballs to athletes of all ages and backgrounds will provide countless opportunities for all to enjoy what the great game of pickleball has to offer. The Franklin and Pickleball Australia alliance will bring the sport to the next level, and we couldn’t be happier to be a part of this growth story that’s only just beginning in Australia.”

For more information about Pickleball Australia, visit the website. Pickleball players interested in learning more about Franklin Sports’ collection of pickleball products can visit the website.