PetaRush and Phanta Bear to launch the first multi-IPs blockchain game

Ric Chiang, Director at PHANTACi

The Web3 game PetaRush announced its collaboration with the NFT project Phanta Bear. The two projects have launched 10,000 Phanta Bear NFTs, originating from the 2D Phanta Bear into 3D designs, for playing in the game. This is the world’s first multi-IPs role interaction in one game. All Phanta Bear NFT holders can get a brand new & unique 3D Phanta Bear In-Game NFT to use in the PetaRush game & participate in the new era of multi-IPs blockchain games.

PetaRush, the blockchain game on the Web3 gaming platform – METASENS, is published by a Singapore-based company, Otey Gaming from Hong Kong-listed Empire Tech Group Limited.

What does Phanta Bare bring to PetaRush’s portfolio?

PetaRush announced its first multi-IPs partnership with Phanta Bear, which is founded by the Asian King of Mandopop Jay Chou‘s street fashion brand PHANTACi. PHANTACi was founded in 2006 by Jay Chou & his team. The team launched 10,000 Phanta Bear NFTs on OpenSea, the world’s largest NFT trading platform earlier this year, & ranked first worldwide in a week.

PetaRush is a racing game based on NFT characters. The racers’ characters are represented in cyberpunk style. Each character is randomly equipped with six parts, including the head, body, hands, feet, back, and accessories corresponding to exclusive skill combos.

Players compete against others in multiple locations. Players can improve their character’s skills & build their competitive advantage through the “Skill Enhancement” & “Character Cultivation” functions. Race winners receive a PT Qualifier Ticket equivalent to USDT.

To achieve the goal of this collaboration, the PetaRush team has successively overcome three technical hurdles. First, the 2D version of Phanta Bear is mapped to the 3D version. Second, the original Phanta Bear has no legs. PetaRush and PHANTACi create a new leg design to allow the characters to run in the game. Third, the Phanta Bear NFT is released on Ethereum.

What is PetaRush offering Phanta Bare owners?

PetaRush team has released 10,000 unique 3D Phanta Bear game NFTs with their own BGM on the Binance chain through cross-chain empowerment. Through this cross-chain empowerment app, Phanta Bear owners can enter the Web3 gaming world & compete with PetaRush players. In the future, PetaRush will further expand the breeding function so that NFTs from different IPs can breed new NFTs with higher rarity, making the Web3 gaming ecosystem more fun.

Terry Yeung, the investor and publisher of PetaRush and CEO of Hong Kong Empire Technology Group, said, “The cross-chain and cross-IP application of NFT is the future of Web3 games.”

“Blockchain tech provides a platform for transferring game assets and IPs and opens up more opportunities for the gaming industry. This time, we have achieved the two milestones of “Multiple IPs” and “Cross-chain Empowerment” once. We will continue to collaborate with other major IPs. I am looking forward to working with Phanta Bear, & welcome more IPs to join us.”

Ric Chiang, director of PHANTACi, said: ” We hope this partnership will surprise the Phanta Bear community. We continue our innovation & efforts in NFT utilities. We are also actively seeking more cross-border partners to let Phanta Bear holders feel honored to own an NFT, & also be able to play & earn in reality. We look forward to racing with our holders in PetaRush!”

PetaRush’s in-game NFT, Peta, will begin whitelist minting in Oct. Players can find whitelist info on PetaRush Discord. The closed beta test of the PetaRush game will begin in Nov. Players will be able to use the NFT characters for in-game races and experience the new era.