Perx to bolster customer engagement experience with Workato collaboration

Workato, the Enterprise Automation Platform platform, announced that Singapore-based Perx Technologies, a loyalty and customer engagement SaaS platform, will partner with Workato to deliver frictionless, hyper-personalized customer experiences. As a behavioral intelligence and loyalty SaaS platform, Perx helps businesses deliver meaningful customer engagements.

How will Perx improve customer engagement?

Perx will partner with Workato to launch self-serve environments, to allow their clients to create hyper-personalized customer experiences using plug-and-play integrations. Utilizing Workato’s low/no code and hassle-free integrations allows Perx to do away with multi-day integration set-ups, and deliver seamless omnichannel experiences to their customers.

Workato’s platform gives Perx the necessary tools to simplify and automate integrations for client onboarding. Workato helps plug the tech gap between Perx’s platform and their clients’ legacy systems. This allows clients to update and improve their tech adoption at a lower cost, as it removes the need of creating unnecessary multiple and complex data points.

This partnership marks a significant step towards empowering Perx’s clients to build unique digital customer journeys without the need for complex workflows. For Perx employees, the partnership with Workato allows them to reduce time to market and time for execution.

Workato helps solve complex integrations by simplifying compatibility and reducing time spent on new setups. By reducing manual tasks and streamlining workflows using Workato’s solution, Perx will drive up employee productivity and bolster its go-to-market timeline.

What does this mean for Workato and Perx?

Amlan Debnath, Managing Director, Workato Asia Pacific and Japan

“Perx is an industry leader in delivering memorable and meaningful customer experiences. This is a critical success factor for businesses who want to grow in an increasingly crowded marketplace,” said Amlan Debnath, Managing Director, Workato Asia Pacific and Japan.

“We are thrilled to play a key role as Perx’s partner in reimagining the digital consumer journey and look forward to the creation of a powerful, simplified and efficient digital experience that millions of end consumers will benefit from,” Amlan Debnath added.

“Our partnership with Workato is a game-changer for businesses looking to transform their customer engagement strategies. By combining Perx’s solutions for customer engagement and loyalty with Workato’s industry-leading automation platform, we’re empowering businesses to deliver personalized experiences, streamline operations, and drive growth,” commented Amenallah Reghimi, Chief Product and Technology Officer at Perx Technologies.