Percona unveils annual open-source database conference Percona Live

Ann Schlemmer, Chief Executive Officer at Percona
Ann Schlemmer, Chief Executive Officer at Percona

Percona, a firm in enterprise-grade open-source database software and services, will host its annual Percona Live conference series in Denver at the Marriott Tech Center, May 22-24, 2023.

What is Percona Live offering the open-source industry?

Percona Live is the longest-running independent open-source database conference, covering a range of database and data management topics like cloud-native deployments, performance improvements, as well as experience from some of the world’s largest database deployments.

The event will provide three days of hands-on tutorials, breakout sessions, keynote addresses, networking, and socializing with the most experienced database professionals. Inspired by the Denver location, this year’s event is themed CLIMB. It’s about reaching peak database performance with open-source databases and how Percona serves as a guide to doing so.

At the Percona Live event this year, industry experts from around the world will provide insights on some of the world’s most popular databases — MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MongoDB — as well as other open-source technologies such as Clickhouse, Vitess, and Kubernetes.

What are the key highlights of the Percona Live event?

This year’s Percona Live is sponsored by Microsoft, AWS, Oracle, PlanetScale, FerretDB, Datavail, OtterTune, benchAnt, Victoria Metrics, Civo, and DBeaver just to name a few.

Keynote speakers at this year’s event include:

  • Ann Schlemmer, CEO of Percona on The Future of Percona
  • Rachel Stephens, Senior Industry Analyst at RedMonk, As You Wish
    Open-source databases: a classic tale of true love and high adventure
  • Peter Zaitsev, Founder of Percona, Unlocking Data Freedom: Harnessing Open Source to Overcome Data Gravity

Additional topics include:

  • Database Observability: Through the lens of SRE – Archana Jattigari, Credit Karma
  • Why Machine Learning for Automatically Optimizing Databases Doesn’t Work – Andy Pavlo, Carnegie Mellon University / OtterTune
  • Operating a 120 TB MongoDB dataset on Kubernetes – David Noriega and Eric Fox, Adobe
  • No Passwords, Please, We’re Pinterest: Secure Identity-Based Authentication for MySQL – Ernie Souhrada, Pinterest
  • Reducing Cost and Improving Performance with Data Modeling in Postgres – Charly Batista, Percona
  • Upgrading to MySQL 8.0 – Michael Coburn, Percona
  • What is the place of AI in SQL querying? – Tatiana Krupenya, DBeaver Corporation
  • Pen-testing open-source databases (MySQL and PostgreSQL) – Alexander Rubin, AWS

What did the Percona executive have to say?

“Open source is essential to driving innovation around the world, which is why we are excited to bring back the Percona Live event in person following the success of last year’s edition which was held in Austin,” Ann Schlemmer, Chief Executive Officer of Percona commented.

“Over three days we will bring together the open-source community from around the world to explore latest technical advances around databases, approaches to data management and how we can deploy these tools more effectively. The conference enables the community to share their knowledge and experiences with one another to contribute to the future of open source.”


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