Penny the Pig: World’s first child friendly crypto currencies piggy bank

Strive has unveiled the world’s first child-friendly physical piggy bank to integrate with leading crypto wallets including Coin base and Metamask, to empower kids to learn and manage their own digital currencies in a fun, safe and responsible way.

Benefits of Penny the Pig

As part of the company’s educational approach, it also plans to introduce a piggy bank “mining edition”, designed to mine Bitcoin and other crypto currencies.

Strive’s app and hardware combo displays any crypto wallet balance on the piggy bank, whilst parents can use the accompanying app to schedule crypto currency payments such as pocket money, and monitor their child’s digital transactions.

The timely Strive launch fits in with news of Coin base’s IPO reaching a market valuation of nearly $100 billion in early trading, proving that crypto currencies will continue to shape the financial future of our generation.

Stakeholder analysis

According to Strive co-founder and CEO Andrew Birt, while many people are already exploring the dynamic world of crypto, we all have a huge role to play in equipping kids with financial literacy skills and encourage responsible investing.

“Without a doubt, the crypto market is here to stay. With $2T now stored in crypto across 68M crypto wallets around the globe, there’s still a surprisingly visible lack of resources to teach kids about digital currency.”

“This is why we built Penny the Pig – to give everyone a simple, safe and responsible way to explore the space of crypto currencies, and learn about the future of money.”

Penny the Pigs are priced at US$149 each and are already in high demand. Anyone interested can pre-order their own piggy bank on StriveFam.


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