Pegasystems launches innovative solution to help unlock deeper levels of AI and automation for customers

Kerim Akgonul, Chief Product Officer at Pega
Kerim Akgonul, Chief Product Officer at Pega

Pegasystems Inc., the world-renown provider low-code platform empowering the world’s leading enterprises to Build for Change®, has announced the general availability of Pega Infinity™ ‘23. This enhanced version of Pega’s portfolio of products offers new capabilities that help organizations get closer to becoming an autonomous enterprise by unifying AI and automation to promote self-optimization that drives maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

What is the market offering of Pega Infinity™ ‘23?

The innovative solution features deeper intelligence, low-code, and autonomy capabilities within its entire portfolio of products in a variety of markets, including Pega Platform™, Pega Customer Decision Hub™ , Pega Customer Service™ , and Pega Sales AutomationTM.

This includes Pega GenAI™, a set of over 20 capabilities available across products on Pega Cloud® that leverage gen AI to improve low-code, client engagement, customer service, sales, and back-office operations. This makes Pega Infinity ’23 products easier, and powerful to use while providing controls, governance, and auditing to keep humans in the loop. 

Pega Infinity ’23 is helping people work smarter, including Constellation UX that improves productivity so users can get work done faster and more easily deliver customer self-service while bostering development. Pega Process Mining analyzes end-to-end customer journeys to prioritize hidden inefficiencies, while Pega Insights gives users the ability to create and share compelling insights from workflow data with an improved drag-and-drop experience.

New low-code capabilities increase developer collaboration – letting them share and discover reusable components. These updates are coupled with advanced Pega Cloud support for gen AI, including a trust layer that provides secure access to LLMs. Pega Infinity ’23 will initially provide out-of-the-box LLM support for Microsoft Azure’s OpenAI Service. Since announcing at this year’s PegaWorld® iNspire, Pega has added components to Pega Infinity ’23 including: 

  • AI-Powered Developer Chat – This generative AI chat functionality assists Pega users by answering product support questions on the fly. It is fully integrated with Pega training, documentation, and technical support content, helping users work smarter and faster to foster optimal outcomes.
  • Process Fabric Manager Dashboards – New dashboards within Pega Process Fabric offer managers deeper insights into how teams are performing across all applications, including better understanding of workload distribution as well as incomplete work. This helps managers appropriately distribute workloads and set realistic deadlines for better employee experiences.
  • GenAI-Powered Treatments: This capability uses generative AI to create and refine next-best-action treatments. With diverse tones and perspective based on individual customer preferences, intelligent treatments work to help promote empathy and analyzes performance to recommend high value treatments to its customers.

What does this mean for Pega?

“With all of the excitement around the potential of generative AI, businesses need to understand what aspects of the technology can be practically applied to help achieve their goals more efficiently and effectively,” said Kerim Akgonul, Chief Product Officer at Pega.

“Pega Infinity ’23 is doing just that – bringing together the latest AI and automation tech so that firms can reach a level of self-optimization that results in better experiences for employees and clients, with the agility to further scale and evolve as business needs change.”

Pega Infinity – Pega’s flagship software suite – empowers firms with AI-powered decisioning and workflow automation capabilities. It unifies client engagement, customer service, and intelligent automation capabilities within one platform to help bolster digital transformation.

By engaging customers with the right message, at the right time, across any channel, clients can improve customer satisfaction, increase customer lifetime value, and boost productivity. Pega’s low-code environment helps reduce complexity for accelerated deployments, faster iteration, and greater customer and employee satisfaction. For more, visit the website.