Pega buys Everflow to add intuitive process mining to it’s solution

Pegasystems Inc., the software company that crushes business complexity, at PegaWorld® iNspire announced the acquisition of Everflow, an innovative process mining software company based in Brazil. Everflow’s highly intuitive software will enable Pega clients to uncover and fix hidden process inefficiencies that often bog down organisational operations.

With Pega’s AI-powered decisioning and workflow automation capabilities, this acquisition will help Pega deliver the most complete hyperautomation solution available for enterprises.

What does Everflow bring to Pega’s portfolio?

As business complexity continues to rise, process mining has emerged as a critical tool to help firms streamline bloated processes that slow employee productivity. But two limitations hold back process mining’s: first, most process mining tools are too difficult to use and are understood only by technical business consultants; second, process mining can’t fix process problems, it can only identify where those problems lie and suggest possible work arounds.

Everflow will provide Pega clients with an easy-to-use process mining solution that allows businesspeople to analyse and optimise their customer and employee-related processes.

It makes it simple to automatically model their real-world processes based on activity logs. Then the software analyses where those processes break down in the field. For example, a banking head may deploy Everflow to determine if clients are abandoning the bank’s mobile app when it takes too many clicks to complete a transaction, or an insurance executive may discover if back-office bottlenecks in the app approval workflow curtail their underwriters.

But the true power of Everflow’s elegant solution will be fully unlocked when combined with Pega’s market-leading platform for AI-powered decisioning and workflow automation – where these processes already live for many of the world’s leading organisations.

When will the new capability be available to clients?

When integrated, the solution will help Pega clients monitor processes across the enterprise, identify process issues or deviations when they arise, and even fix them on the fly. This will evolve the process mining field beyond static modelling and deliver process optimisation, deploying true hyperautomation on an enterprise scale to improve operations and CX.

The new process mining capability is expected to be available for Pega customers on a limited basis in Q4 this year and with general availability early next year. It will be offered as an add-on capability to Pega Process AI™ – a set of Pega Platform™ capabilities introduced last year that uses self-optimising artificial intelligence (AI) and decision management to help businesses improve their operations in real-time. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.