Peerspace unveils new brand identity to appeal to creative industry clientele

Rony Chammas, Founder of Peerspace

Peerspace, the marketplace for hourly venue rentals for events, meetings, and productions, unveiled a new brand identity. The new look was created in partnership with the team at Mother Design, and was inspired by Peerspace clients, who range from photographers, filmmakers, and entrepreneurs, to event planners, fitness instructors, and content creators.

Since 2014, Peerspace has operated the largest network of unique venues for meetings, events, and productions across the globe. Over 8 million people have attended a Peerspace event in 40,000 spaces across 6 countries. With there having been a seismic shift in how and where we work, massive growth of the creator economy, and a renewed need to celebrate memories, and Peerspace is positioned to offer space for each of these areas.

What are the new features of Peerspace’s brand identity?

The new look reflects the core of Peerspace: a place where every moment can reach its full potential. The new visual iconography is inspired by Peerspace’s core offering: space.

  • The Stack is the most dynamic element. Mural-like and wholly original, it takes the eye on a journey up, right, left, and over, zagging from corner to corner of the space it occupies.
  • The Peerspace Wordmark is inspired by historic analogue poster printing: floor-to-ceiling bold, modern, and monumental.
  • The “P” Icon is a simple, minimal monogram, angled to reference dimension, or the opening of a door to endless possibility.
  • The new Peerspace Purple is a blend of the brand’s two previous colours, paying homage to the company’s beginnings, while representing creativity, inventiveness, and imagination.

What does the new brand mean for clients?

“Our new brand is a tribute to our clients. It’s striking, dynamic, and expressive, reflecting the energy and creativity you bring to Peerspace locations every single day. We want Peerspace to be a source of inspiration, and we hope that our unique spaces unlock your most creative aspirations—whether you’re looking for a set for your upcoming video shoot or an unforgettable venue for your birthday party,” said Peerspace founder Rony Chammas.

“Peerspace came to Mother Design to reimagine their brand, with the goal of reflecting the creative and entrepreneurial spirit of their audience. The result was a new brand strategy, tone of voice and visual identity that embodies the multitude of spaces Peerspace offers, and everything that happens within them,” commented Mother Design representative.

“With a range of logotypes, and a consistent but flexible approach to colour, the brand dynamically adapts to the space it occupies. From advertising to interfaces, it’s bold enough to turn the brand’s volume up, but simple enough to turn it down. We are thrilled to have partnered with Peerspace to create a world in which the extraordinary can occur.”