This peer-to-peer knowledge platform that provides business opportunities for Aussie consultants is going global

Peer-to-Peer knowledge platform provides business opportunities for Australian consultants
James Behzadi and Jane Qui, founders of Kintell

Following successful beta testing, Australian peer-to-peer global knowledge and micro-learning network Kintell is expanding globally. It creates opportunities for consultants to pivot and grow their international client base in these uncertain times, and for full-time professionals to kick start their personal online consulting practice in a flexible manner without any cost.

The online platform also gives socially isolated learners affordable access to bespoke international expertise.

Kintell is a software-enabled marketplace (available on desktop or smartphone devices) that connects advisers with learners across any topic, from professional knowledge and skill gaps to hobbies and craft and everything in-between.

How exactly does Kintell work?

People can book advisers for private one-to-one video advice, using an integrated, secure and intuitive booking platform, and encrypted credit card payment facility.

At the moment, anyone from anywhere in the world with a valid credit card can book an adviser in Australia and New Zealand, creating opportunities for consultants and professionals in any industry in this region to reach a wider audience. The goal of the platform is not to be geographically limited, and eventually, anyone will be able to book an advisor from anywhere in the world.

“Right now so many businesses are suffering from COVID-19, and some major key verticals are in strife, such as our education and travel sectors. Yet technology is an obvious choice to fill that economic void at present,” says Kintell co-founder James Behzadi.

“Kintell can simultaneously assist businesses and individuals to pivot into online advising and consultation, as well as fulfil the needs of socially-isolated people seeking to expand their minds through learning opportunities.”

“If you have genuine knowledge or passion in a subject that will interest people, you can develop an income stream from micro-knowledge-sharing,” he continues. “Our bespoke software-enabled marketplace allows everyone to become an educator, or to access affordable, and sometimes free, sessions with knowledgeable people.”

How is Kintell doing so far?

Australia represents more than 80% of 1,000+ advisors signed up on Kintell, including Patrick Medley, former Managing Partner of IBM and currently Professor of Practice at University of Sydney Business School, who advises in Corporate Strategy: “There is so much great knowledge that is accessible on the Kintell platform. It is the best way to tap into expertise on a wide range of subjects.”

He continues: “This platform is also an excellent tool for providing your consultation and coaching online, as it seamlessly integrates selection, booking, scheduling, high-quality video and payment functions all in one app.”

Kintell is an Australian company and is part of the University of NSW’s flagship accelerator program (Founders 10x) and has also secured funding from influential private angel investors from some of the Big Four consulting firms. It undertook beta testing in November, before rolling out its offering to New Zealand earlier this year.

Advisers can set their own prices for advising, and they can also offer up to 5 hours of pro- bono advice every month to other Kintell advisors, making it an ideal and cost-effective way to learn new skills during isolation. The platform also features a community-monitored rating and review system.

To sign up to Kintell as an adviser or a learner visit here.