How your parents’ shopping habits could be costing you at the checkout

The latest research from ALDI Australia reveals that Australian shopper’s relaxed ‘set and forget’ approach could become more costly with those stuck in old shopping habits, and not looking at alternative supermarkets, potentially losing over $2,400 in savings.

What were the findings of ALDI Australia’s survey?

As many as 8.8 million Australians (45%) say they have inherited their parents’ grocery shopping behaviours when it comes to selecting their supermarket of choice, digging their heels in even more so than when it comes to institutions like banks (40%), and well above other brands like cars (23%) and energy companies (17%) – showing how much of an influence parents have over future generations and their shopping habits.

More than half to switch up services

Nearly six in ten (59%) say they are looking to switch up their services to save money in the next 12 months. With Aussies looking to make these savings up by reviewing and changing their energy suppliers (24%), entertainment subscriptions (23%) and supermarket (21%).

Jordan Lack, Managing Director of ALDI Australia says, “At a time when Aussies are feeling the pinch the most, only one in five Aussies are looking to change up their supermarket routine in 2023. We have remained firm with the lowest prices, every day of the year.”

“So, Aussies looking to bank real savings on their household costs should try shopping at ALDI as their first port of call. By doing this, every Aussie can save on their grocery bill week-in, week-out. We understand that there may be items you might need to get elsewhere, we say go for it – but starting your shopping at ALDI will be worth the extra savings.”

78% have changed how they shop in the last 12 months. With many consumers shopping around for deals more regularly (36%), comparing prices before they shop (34%), and doing a ‘big shop’ for groceries less frequently than usual – for example once fortnightly (26%).

One in five believe savings aren’t worth the switch

Just one in ten (9%) say they have switched supermarkets while one in five (19%) are reluctant to switch supermarkets believing the savings aren’t worth the switch, a notion Mr. Lack rejects: “We are all creatures of habit but changing where you do the bulk of your weekly shop to ALDI will have a meaningful impact on your back pocket,” Mr. Lack said.

“Our most recent Price Report shows that the savings are clearly worth the switch, in fact the average family can save up to $2,400 per year. We will continue to offer the highest quality products at the lowest prices across our stores,” Mr. Lack further commented.

What are the perks of starting your shopping with ALDI?

One shopper who has reaped from starting his shopping with ALDI is Jason Ch’ng from Melbourne said, “As a family of four, we have a strict weekly budget to stick to. Coming out of the Christmas and school holiday period, we are getting into the swing of our year. I am a victim of set-and-forget culture, but this year things have to change. One habit we’re starting is kicking off our week with an ALDI shop, it sets us up and I know we are saving money.”

There are some habits Mr. Ch’ng doesn’t think he will break this year: “I love getting a freshly made barista coffee and I know it’s a treat but it’s one thing I don’t want to give it up! But I know that by shopping at ALDI I am saving money on a chunk of my household expenses.”

For more information or to watch the Start with ALDI TVC: Shop ALDI First | 30″ TVC. It reinforces ALDI’s commitment to providing the highest quality products at unbeatable prices, and encourages shoppers to experience the perks of starting their weekly shopping at ALDI.

See here for ALDI Price Report.