Global supplier of automotive leather Pangea wins Toyota excellence award

Tim Brennan, Executive Vice President for Sales, Marketing & Design at Pangea
Tim Brennan, Executive Vice President for Sales, Marketing & Design at Pangea

Pangea, a world-renown supplier of automotive leather, has received a Toyota Motor North America (TMNA) “Excellent Technology & Development Award, 2022 for the 3D Surfacing – Leather” with recently patented technology for Lexus. The award was announced at TMNA R&D Purchasing Supplier Development’s 2023 Annual Business Meeting this April.

Why was Pangea a stand-out in the category?

A first for Pangea, the highly sought after award pit the company against various suppliers around innovation, excellence, tech, and development. The tech submitted was a proprietary “new process to enhance design expression for genuine leather on seat surface materials.”

Pangea’s technology was applied to the latest full model change of the all-new 2023 Lexus RX. The new model launched globally in October 2022 and has been Lexus’ best-selling model for over 20 years. Pangea is the leather material supplier for both the front and rear seats.

The 2023 Lexus RX is the first application for Pangea’s new proprietary technology, providing complex expression as a compliment to Lexus’ exclusive designs. The dedicated Pangea team – Technical, Design, & Commercial made it their mission to take a customer-centric approach through product development, design services, and cost planning.

Specifically in design, the Pangea team was focused on unique & authentic leather design features that created harmony in the vehicle by connecting the seating patterns with the door panel inserts. The availability of the new technology during the development stage enabled the Lexus designers to execute their overall vehicle concept and vision.

What does the recognition mean for Pangea?

“The TMNA Technology & Development Award win is most gratifying as it shows our strength in global service to clients,” said Tim Brennan, EVP for Sales, Marketing & Design at Pangea.

“Particularly when it comes to design & development, this type of new tech furthers the Lexus experience with its sophisticated buyers. We thank Toyota and Lexus for recognizing this unique technology that blends the beauty of leather with distinct design expression.”

Pangea has supplied Toyota Motor North America (TMNA) for over 40 years and has been a supplier for the Lexus RX since its inception. The team was thrilled to receive an award of excellence for such work, continuing to innovate on a strong, historic line of business.

With natural products that supply some of the hottest programs on the market, Pangea is embracing their new, award-winning, brand identity. In a market where synthetics are gaining attention for innovation, the organization’s advanced and widely experienced team is here for the long haul; Committed to customer service, innovation, luxury, and authenticity.