Paintball vs. Airsoft: Which game is better for you? [SPONSORED]

So, today we will talk about a very interesting topic, namely about paintball and airsoft. How do they differ from each other, what rules are used in airsoft and paintball. These two games are very popular in almost every country and even city. Mostly only young people play in them, but sometimes older people, most often former military men, play them.

These two games are very popular due to the fact that they bring a lot of good emotions, cheer up and make it possible to have a good time. If your city has special areas or areas for paintball or airsoft, then you should play them. The best way to kill extra time, or just have a good weekend.

To play these games come not only for fun, but also for training. After all, many people who serve or go to serve come to improve their skills. Since both games are team games, you can easily get together with your friends and play well, and let’s say compete one against one, or team against team.

If you do not really understand how to play, then we will soon tell you how to play both airsoft and paintball correctly. We list the basic rules for each of them, so that you choose the best one for yourself. To be honest, they are very similar, but still different in some way, and for this, we will try to bring you up to date and tell you the basic rules of airsoft and paintball.

Airsoft basic rules

So, but first, what is airsoft. Airsoft is such a team game in which safe fighting is carried out with exact copies of real weapons, only in place of real bullets there are small 6 mm plastic balls.

The big difference from paintball is that each game is different, because you have to complete many different tasks in order to win. In order to play it was interesting, you need to follow one of the most important rules, namely “honesty”.

After all, a hit from a small bullet will not leave a single trace on you, and if you are for fair play, then at the first hit in you, immediately confess. Airsoft is best suited for those people who love not only shooting, but also tactics, feel like on a real battlefield, and think carefully about their actions in order to stay alive in the game, and only then shoot.

As you can see, there are no very weighty rules in airsoft, and all because the task of the game itself is to feel the war and test yourself for strength. As we know there are no rules in war, your task is to defend your territory and stay alive. After playing this game, you are guaranteed a surge of adrenaline and cool emotions.

Paintball basic rules

Paintball is also a team game with safe combat that allows you to experience shooting at enemies in a small area. Shooting comes from a special pneumatic weapon that shoots balls of paint.

With the help of this type of weapon and ammunition, you will not be able to deceive others, because when it hits the target, the paint ball breaks, coloring it. Since airsoft can be played on any territory, paintball has a special flat area on which different types of shelters are placed.

There are 5 players in one team, in large tournaments from 5 to 7 players. The paintball game does not require great skills and rules. All you need is good equipment, and a good ability to hide from bullets. It will not be difficult for you to shoot and aim, because the territory is small, and you don’t even need a scope to hit the enemy. Well, now we’ll talk about equipment, namely the difference in equipment.

Equipment difference


Well, the equipment is very simple, since this game is an imitation of the fighting that takes place in the war, then most often the equipment is the same as that of the military at the front. One addition is special tactical goggles that will protect you from getting the ball in your eyes. To complete the experience, some even wear body armor to feel like a real warrior. Well, a helmet is also necessary to protect the head, because it is one of the most vulnerable places on the human body.

Also, since the game imitates war, then from the weapon you have not only a copy of a firearm, but also different types of safe airsoft grenades, namely, an imitation of a fragmentation grenade, is needed to distract the enemy with a loud explosion. A smoke grenade is also present, allowing you to move to another position or hide from the enemy.


The equipment is the same as in airsoft, namely military camouflage. But since the shooting is carried out from pneumatic weapons, and no longer from small plastic balls, but already from balls of paint. The defense should be stronger. You need a special paintball helmet that protects the entire circumference of your head. You also need tactical glasses that will also protect you from accidental eye contact.

Hits on vulnerable parts of the body can be very painful, and it is necessary to protect not only the head, but also the lower parts of the body, namely the groin. You need special protection that covers its entire area. Gloves are also necessary, because an accidental hit in the fingers will not be so painful, and gloves will soften the blow.

Well, today we talked about a very interesting sport, entertainment, namely airsoft and paintball. We have listed the basic rules of each separately. So that you know their differences, because people often confuse these two games with each other. We told you about the equipment that is necessary so that you can play well and painlessly and have a good time. If you haven’t tried the game yet, then you should definitely try it and get a great adrenaline rush.