Ownera closes $20 million Series A led by J.P. Morgan and LRC Group

Ami Ben-David, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer at Ownera

Ownera, the company delivering an extensive interoperability trading network for tokenized assets, has announced Series A funding of $20 million including J.P. Morgan and LRC Group.

The Series A financing round also had other financiers like Draper Goren Holm, tokentus Investment AG, Accomplice Blockchain, Polymorphic Capital, The Ropart Group and Archax.

What is the market offering of Ownera?

Ownera’s objective is to create a global unified inter-trading pipeline for digital securities, efficiently connecting siloed tokenization platforms and trading interfaces. Based on the open-source FINP2P protocol, Ownera’s offering seamlessly connects any type of securities tokenization engine on any public or private blockchain, or even on traditional ledgers.

For financial institutions and venues, Ownera can provide clients with a unified digital securities wallet, connected to a single API that aggregates and normalizes the offerings. Clients can then invest, trade, lend and borrow against the connected set of tokenized assets.

“It is commonly accepted that the tokenization of securities has the capacity to digitize markets with total value in the trillions of dollars. Dozens of platforms are being deployed by financial institutions across the market, and our job is to be the neutral layer, seamlessly interconnecting them into one global distribution and liquidity network, using open-source network specifications,” said Ownera Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Ami Ben-David.

What were the investors’ thoughts on Ownera?

“Interconnectivity is key to maintaining a liquid marketplace for tokenized assets. Ownera has developed a solution with the potential to connect multiple platforms to start building towards that liquid marketplace,” said Scott Lucas, Head of Markets DLT, J.P. Morgan.

Commenting on the funding, Chairman, LRC Group, Nadav Zohar said, “LRC has chosen Ownera as a solution to distribute tokenized Real Estate assets to qualified investors using the open-source FinP2P protocol, adopted by global financial institutions. This solution has the potential to allow qualified investors access to single assets, portfolios and real estate-based structures in tokenized form, optimizing asset allocation and removing unnecessary friction.”

J.P. Morgan’s Scott Lucas will join Ownera’s board. Nadav Zohar, Chairman of the LRC Group, a major investor in the round and partner of Ownera, will join the board as Exec. Chairman.