Cloud specialist OVHcloud updates its web hosting portfolio with an all-time low pricing tier and more performance

OVHcloud, the European Cloud firm, announced a refresh of its all-in-one fully managed web hosting portfolio, providing customers with improved performance and adding a ‘STARTER’ tier for new users discovering OVHcloud’s web hosting offering. OVHcloud operates millions of websites running on its infrastructure, and with decades of know-how, it has updated its web hosting portfolio to add more resources to speed up the performance of customer websites.

What is the market offering of the updated offering?

With the same price tiering, customers, both new and existing, immediately benefit from superior CPU and RAM. New webhosting services purchases from now on will benefit from SSD storage resulting in faster access times to data in new sites. Last but not the least, most clients will also be able to take advantage of larger databases sizes to support rapid growth.

These resources at the same price point help OVHcloud to continue delivering a best-in-class performance-price ratio. OVHcloud is also introducing a new ‘STARTER’ plan designed for non-tech savvy clients, which comes with WordPress and a host of additional resources like 1 GB of disk space, two email addresses, SSL certificate and a free domain name for the first year.

This allows users to accelerate their web projects without handling technical set-up. This plan starts from 0,99 EUR (AU$1.49) per month and is aimed at creators that want to kick-start their web adventure. On top of highly flexible offers and a full set of services, OVHcloud is also updating its domain bundles. When registering a domain with OVHcloud, clients will get 100 MB of disk space (upgraded from 10 MB), one free email address and DNSSEC security.

What does this mean for OVHcloud?

As the first step in a wider plan to bring even more performance to shared webhosting infrastructure, these updated web hosting offers benefit from OVHcloud’s expertise in helping clients start their web projects easily with the ability to scale according to their needs.

OVHcloud’s web hosting portfolio offers a range of packages to support all web traffic needs and abilities, from beginners and enthusiasts to web specialists and more technical users. The refreshed web hosting offers are available now and accessible to new customers worldwide.

Existing customers will automatically benefit from the new CPU and RAM specifications in their web hosting package, all at the same price. Also, this development maintains OVHcloud’s commitment to delivering value through innovation and performance improvement.