Outseer appoints Dr. Colm Coughlan to lead its data science team as it aims to liberate the world from fraud

John Filby, Chief Executive Officer at Outseer
John Filby, Chief Executive Officer at Outseer

Outseer, a specialist in providing fraud solutions that protect financial accounts from login through payment, has announced the appointment of Colm Coughlan, PhD, to lead the Outseer Data Science team. In his new role, Coughlan will lead the data science team in pursuit of Outseer’s mission to liberate the world from financial fraud. He joins Yogesh Patel, PhD, who recently joined Outseer, to jointly guide technology and data science innovation.

What does Coughlan bring to Outseer in the role?

At the heart of the innovative Outseer Platform is a risk engine built on groundbreaking machine learning models powered by first- and third-party data signals, including unique consortium data from the Outseer Global Data Network. This unique risk engine has been proven and honed at the largest financial institutions in the world for over two decades.

Prior to Outseer, Coughlan was Head of Data Science at Callsign where he designed and implemented real-time machine learning solutions for anti-fraud behavioral biometrics. He joins Dr. Yogesh Patel, Outseer Chief Technology Officer, to help lead innovation and research for the market leading Outseer Platform. Coughlan’s extensive experience leveraging machine learning to protect financial accounts positions him for immediate impact at Outseer.

Coughlan said, “I am thrilled to join Outseer. Data scientists know that good predictive insights require rich, unique data and that is one of the things that excites me most about Outseer. Outseer has built its Global Data Network on data and insights gained from trillions of transactions at some of the largest financial institutions. I look forward to working with our team to further advance the insights we deliver to our clients for every financial transaction.”

What does the appointment mean for Outseer?

Commenting on the appointment, Patel said, “The continued digitization of global financial services, including the proliferation of real-time payments, coupled with the ongoing evolution of the threat landscape, require corresponding advancements in anti-fraud platforms. Dr. Coughlan is a great addition to our team. His appointment shows Outseer’s commitment to continually advance our market leading transactional risk management platform.”

“Continuing to invest in our technology and data science teams is one of our most important priorities. For over two decades now Outseer has been a market leader in applying AI and machine learning to the prevention of fraud. We are building on our storied heritage of innovation throughout which we have proven that the best models fueled by the best data produce the best fraud mitigation outcomes for our clients,” said John Filby, CEO at Outseer.