Optus and Mastercard extend alliance with digital identity service for clients

Optus and Mastercard have extended their partnership to provide Optus clients with a simple, secure way to prove their identity. ID enables clients to create a secure and reusable identity within the My Optus app on their personal device. Clients can then share verified information easily with consent, without needing to share physical identity documents with Optus. 

What does the partnership mean for Optus?

Since Mastercard and Optus launched ID into the Australian Teleco Industry, over 600,000 Optus clients have created a reusable digital identity with the service, with Optus continuing to roll it out to new clients. ID uses security tech to check the validity of a physical document like a passport, comparing the document photo with the customer’s face and checking that the customer is genuine, before performing a check against authoritative govt data sources.  

“The feedback from our customers on ID has been good with customers responding positively to the improved security that ID enables. Optus is Australia’s first telco to integrate ID into its customer experience. Our partnership with Mastercard increases customer security while simplifying the digital experience,” said Richard Webby, Managing Director, Optus Digital.

“Protecting our customers’ data and keeping their accounts secure is a top priority. ID allows us to do this while retaining our best-in-class, digital-first customer experience,” Webby said.

What does the partnership mean for Mastercard?

Richard Wormald, Division President, Australasia at Mastercard

Commenting on ID, Richard Wormald, Division President, Australasia, Mastercard, said, “Australians want convenient, secure, and smart ways to prove their identity when making a purchase or applying for a service. Mastercard’s collaboration with Optus helps people do just that. Beyond convenience, ID allows customers to manage and control their data, using best-in-class technology to ensure customers’ personal information is safe and secure.”

“The extension of the strategic partnership will enable Mastercard to support Optus customers and reinforce the capabilities of its digital identity service to businesses and consumers both in Australia and globally,” Richard Wormald further commented.

Optus clients can set up their digital identity through My Optus App by using their driver’s licence, passport, or passport with an Australian visa. A client’s digital identity can be used to prove their identity in Optus stores or over the phone, with other channels coming in 2023.