Optimizer Awards 2021 celebrate client creativity and digital innovation

Paul North, Senior Vice President for Asia Pacific and Japan at Optimizely

Leading digital experience platform (DXP) provider, Optimizely, announced the winners of its annual Optimizer Awards for 2021. The awards recognise the outstanding effort from partners in digital innovation and creativity by leveraging Optimizely’s tools in exciting ways.

The Australian Red Cross was the Best B2C Buying Experience, while Electrolux won Best B2B Buying Experience. Optus was awarded the Best Experimentation Practice.

Optimizely’s 2021 Optimizer Awards

Paul North, the Senior Vice President for Asia Pacific and Japan at Optimizely also shared his views, “Congratulations to the winners of the Optimizer Awards for 2021.”

“These awards honour the outstanding contributions from our partners across Asia-Pacific. Digital innovation and creativity are paramount to the success of businesses globally.”

“These awards showcase how forward-thinking organisations like Optus, Australian Red Cross and Electrolux are leveraging Optimizely’s tools in exciting ways to go beyond the conventional, unlocking digital potential and inspiring others to follow suit.”

Comments on the 2021 Optimizer Awards

Belinda Dimovski, Director of Engagement and Support at Australian Red Cross, “It’s an honour to be the Best B2C Buying Experience in Optimizely’s Optimizer Awards for 2021.”

“Providing exceptional customer experience has always been at the heart of what we do.”

“The pandemic highlighted the significance of community, revealing how much of an impact technology can have to support those next door and thousands of kilometres away.”

“Australian Red Cross supports over two million Aussies every year, so this award is a testament to the work we’ve been doing and the role innovative and creative technology plays in creating personalised and memorable buying experiences for customers.”

Check out the full list of categories and winners for Asia-Pacific below.