DXP provider Optimizely and Google to collaborate on Google Analytics 4

Alexander Atzberger, Chief Executive Officer at Optimizely

Optimizely, the digital experience platform (DXP) provider, has been selected by Google to collaborate on an integration with Optimizely Web Experimentation and Google Analytics 4 (GA4). This follows Google’s decision to sunset Google Optimize, its former web analytics and testing tool. This marks the start of a new chapter for both firms and their clients.

To access real-time statistics, generate personalised customer experiences, and integrate with other tools in their tech stack, digital marketers sacrifice speed or user experience. Optimizely’s experimentation tool offers all of these capabilities without compromise.

What does the partnership mean for Optimizely?

“We couldn’t be happier to be selected by Google to collaborate on integrations for GA4, bringing our partnership with Google to new heights,” said Alex Atzberger, CEO, Optimizely.

“We take pride in helping leading brands source meaningful data and stay one step ahead of their clients’ needs. We look forward to welcoming Google Optimize clients into the fold, making their transition smooth, and supporting them to drive positive business outcomes.”

What does the partnership mean for joint clients?

This collaboration will revolutionise how digital marketing practitioners leverage actionable insights to deliver more personalised brand interactions and the best possible customer experiences. Google and Optimizely’s collaboration will enrich both firms’ capabilities and empower marketers worldwide to execute world-class experimentation programs at scale.

Optimizely’s powerful web experimentation platform has long delivered tangible benefits for users — in 2022 alone, the DXP provider enabled over 1.8 million experiments and achieved $1 billion in incremental revenue for its customers. This partnership comes nearly a year after Optimizely moved its leading experimentation solutions to Google Cloud, as another extension of their partnership and continued commitment to innovation.

Google Optimize clients can now scale their experimentation practices with the accuracy and enterprise-grade tools of Optimizely, the category creator for experimentation.

For more information about how to transition from Google Optimize, visit the website.