This tech startup powers small and large fitness businesses to go digital

Jarron Aizen, OneFitStop
Jarron Aizen

OneFitStop has a simple, but powerful vision to change the way the fitness industry operates by providing effective technology solutions to manage fitness business operations physically and digitally.

Founder and CEO, Jarron Aizen, states: “OneFitStop is a SaaS technology company servicing boutique fitness facility across Australia, AP and North America. In a normal world, our technology enables a fitness business to operate the day-to-day (billing, scheduling, reporting, member apps and more). 

“With the COVID-19 shutdown of fitness facilities our team immediately begun working on new digital delivery tools through our branded customer apps. We built a full integration to Zoom enabling facilities to go online and still accept bookings for digital classes, we have worked with ClassPass to ensure you can book a ClassPass session live and our biggest release was a full content management system for On-Demand content where brands can produce articles, upload recipes and create a database of pre-recorded videos (free content and premium content sitting behind a paywall).

“These new digital experiences have been a saviour for many of our brands who quickly changed their normal operations into content companies. The reality as we move forward is that brands are looking to continue this trend to merge the digital and in-club experiences in an omni-channel technology experience and we are putting our hands up to take on this new industry challenge.”

Aaron Smith, KX Pilates
Aaron Smith

Aaron Smith, KX Pilates, says:” During the COVID-19 crisis, with all 67 KX Pilates studios being closed since March 23rd 2020, having OneFitStop as a close partner has been vital for us to quickly adapt and pivot to online classes, maintaining client engagement and staying front of mind with our loyal audience.

“OneFitStop have been on the front foot and quick to react and adapt their/our system to enable a professional platform for clients to engage in the brand with At Home Workouts both pre-recorded and live. 

When things do go back to somewhat normal and studios do start reopening, we see online training being an additive to clients memberships and also an option for those geographically not near physical locations. Ultimately, OneFitStop have enabled us to spread the KX experience beyond studios which is just amazing.”

Jarron concludes: “Post-COVID-19 lockdown restrictions, we don’t know how many people will choose to train in person or digitally. This is why personal trainers, gyms and fitness enterprises need to be able to offer both services to their clients and OneFitStop can help them to do this.”

“We want to help sole personal trainers as well as fitness businesses of all sizes to help their clients, pay their staff and run their businesses effectively during COVID-19 and post COVID-19.”