Old El Paso brings back iconic taco girl for double layer taco campaign

Mia Agraviador

Old El Paso unveiled a familiar face, partnering with Mia Agraviador – the OG taco girl from its iconic ‘por qué no los dos’ ad – for its campaign celebrating the Double Layer taco hack taking social media by storm. Made with Old El Paso™ Hard ‘N Soft Taco kits, the Double Layer taco consists of having a hard shell taco shell inside a soft tortilla, for added crunch.

Why is Mia a perfect fit for the campaign? 

Mia, who is now 22, was only 6 when she featured in the famous Australian campaign. Airing almost two decades ago, the tagline has embedded itself into culture in such a way that many people solve the age-old problem of having to choose between two options, by asking ‘por qué no los dos’ (why not have both?) in response to everyday scenarios

Celebrating her return, Head of World Foods, Old El Paso™ for Australia/New Zealand, Bronwyn Cheng says: “When we saw people having fun experimenting on socials to create the Double Layer Taco, we thought what better way to answer the age-old question, why not have both? than bringing Mia back. We are beyond thrilled to partner with her once again. Mia is central to a huge cultural moment for both Old El Paso and the local psyche!”

What were Mia’s thoughts on joining the campaign?

“I would have never imagined that I’d be back over 15 years later, recreating the tagline that played such a huge role in my life – especially for a taco trend that has gone viral on TikTok!”

“It’s always so surreal when I’m out and about with friends and family, at lunch or the shops, and we hear people ask ‘por qué no los dos’ when deciding between two things. It’s really become a national catchphrase. I also have latino heritage and love all Central and South American inspired foods, so I’m super proud that I get to carry that with me,” said Mia. 

The collaboration has seen Mia’s iconic line feature on online video, social, digital, in-store and OOH. She’s appeared on social, debuting alongside SketchShe on Instagram and TikTokFor more information, visit oldelpaso.com.au or follow on Instagram, TikTok or Facebook