Okta brings Okta Identity Cloud to AWS Marketplace in APAC region

Graham Sowden, the General Manager for the Asia Pacific at Okta

Okta, Inc. a leading independent provider of identity for the enterprise, announced the availability of the Okta Identity Cloud products in AWS Marketplace in the Asia Pacific region.

AWS Marketplace is a curated digital catalog that makes it easy for organizations to discover, procure, entitle, provision, and govern third-party software.

Businesses across APAC are now able to quickly and seamlessly purchase both Okta’s Customer Identity and Workforce Identity products in AWS Marketplace.

Integrations take advantage of Okta and AWS, including AWS Control Tower, a service that provides the easiest way to set up and govern a secure, multi-account AWS environment.

AWS Control Tower makes Okta more powerful and effective for enterprises.

Through this new integration with AWS Control Tower, organizations can further optimize identity management with simplified single sign-on experiences, user provisioning and password management to streamline multi-cloud access management.

Cloud storage, the new solution to dynamic work

Cloud migration is a top imperative for the world’s largest organizations. Businesses migrating to the cloud need to provide rapid connectivity and security for employees and customers as dynamic working practices become the norm.

Identity for the enterprise plays a critical role in helping organizations securely and efficiently run their businesses in the cloud, enabling seamless access for employees while maintaining visibility and control over sensitive data and information.

With AWS, Okta can help streamline enterprises’ identity strategy and software development approach, supporting businesses as they accelerate digital transformation.

Graham Sowden, the General Manager for the Asia Pacific at Okta expressed enthusiasm.

“Okta and AWS are playing a pivotal role in providing infrastructure and secure access capabilities for organizations everywhere in their move to the cloud.”

“We are ensuring that businesses have simplified access to our market-leading technologies that help them solve complex challenges, with an added layer of security and compliance.”

Stephen Orban, the GM for Marketplace and Control Services at AWS is buoyant.

“As more businesses transition their digital application portfolio to the cloud, modernized identity and access management has thus, become increasingly important.”

“We welcome Okta Identity Cloud to AWS Marketplace in the Asia Pacific region to help meet the identified needs of customers using multiple third-party software vendors.”

Amazon Web Services a niche for builders

“More than 310,000 builders and buyers around the world use Amazon Web Service’s Marketplace to find, buy, deploy and govern their preferred third-party software.”

“We look forward to Okta leveraging AWS Marketplace to innovate faster and securely.”

Velchamy Sankarlingam, President of Product and Engineering, Zoom Video Communications, Inc. also commented on the availability of the Okta Identity Cloud in the AWS Marketplace.

“Zoom has always strived to bring teams together in a frictionless and secure video environment, and it’s our ability to innovate that has enabled us to grow.”

“Working with AWS and Okta helped us to deliver on our strategic technology initiatives to meet this goal. We look forward to tighter integrations and more robust cooperation that ultimately makes it faster, easier, and more productive for us to digitally transform.”

Okta is an AWS Advanced Technology Partner that achieved the AWS Security Competency, AWS Government Competency, and AWS Digital Workplace Competency designations.