Oil India selects Juniper Networks to guide India to energy independence

Sajan Paul, Managing Director at Juniper Networks

Juniper Networks recently announced that they have been selected by Oil India Limited, the country’s second largest state-owned oil and gas company, for upgrades to its data centre and campus networks to support the company’s sustainability goals and digital transformation journey that will contribute to India’s vision of energy independence in the future.

With a flexible Juniper IP fabric, Oil India will be able to automate key business operational processes, increasing its business agility and creating more seamless experiences for its customers. India’s energy consumption rises as industries recover from the effects of the pandemic and economic growth picks. During the country’s 75th Independence Day, the government announced its goal to transform India into an energy independent nation by 2047.

In support of India’s vision of energy independence, Oil India has accelerated its digital transformation journey with the goal of streamlining business and operational processes, using data to make decisions. To support its vision of IT transformation and digital readiness, Oil India recognized the need to refresh its network infrastructure so that apps and services can be deployed and moved more seamlessly from one data centre to another.

Why did Oil India opt for Juniper Network?

Having a history of successful collaboration, Oil India chose Juniper to build scalable and resilient data centre and campus networks that will be key to its digital transformation. Juniper’s QFX5120 Series Switches were deployed at the data centre, Oil India’s headquarters, while a combination of QFX5120 and QFX5110 Switches serve as a resilient campus core.

Oil India also selected the EX4300 Series Switches for its campus distribution layer and adopted Spine-Leaf architecture with EVPN-VXLAN for the campus core. With the EVPN-VXLAN fabric from Juniper, Oil India can build and connect their primary data centre, near disaster recovery data centre and campus core networks, in an agile, seamless and secure manner.

The network also supports the use of business process automation tools, which has reduce workloads and achieved faster turnaround times, resulting in better user experience.

In the oil and gas sector, the security of critical infrastructure is vital. To protect Oil India’s data centres, Juniper’s SRX4200 Service Gateways, Security Director, and Junos Space Network Director were selected to configure and manage application security, intelligence and policies across its networks. These new data centres also support Oil India’s use of autonomous drones and video analytics to detect leaks faster and protect against illegal activities.

This enables Oil India to address health, safety and environmental issues across 2,000km of pipeline. As India moves on with its post-pandemic recovery plans and goal of energy independence, Oil India now has a highly resilient and scalable network that will support its digital transformation to help make energy more sustainable, available and affordable.

What are the executives’ thoughts on the partnership?

Chandan Kumar Barman, Deputy General Manager of IT, Oil India said,“Oil India is excited to select Juniper to join our digital transformation journey that will go a long way in supporting India’s vision, as well as our business and sustainability goals.”

“Juniper’s experience-first solutions have helped build a network that supports our efforts to streamline newer operational requirements through automation and hybrid data centres. Having a Juniper network fabric in our data centres and offices gives us improved business resiliency, flexibility and choices to deliver a better digital user experience.”

Sajan Paul, Managing Director & Country Manager, India & SAARC Juniper Networks said,“We are honoured to be made a part of Oil India’s digital transformation journey, which will allow them to not only efficiently contribute to India’s vision of energy independence, but also support its growing economy with cleaner and more sustainable fuels.”

“With an experience-first network, Oil India can streamline business operations in pursuit of delivering improved digital experiences for its employees and customers. We look forward to building a strong foundation that will offer exceptional business value and unprecedented levels of business and network performance in India’s oil industry,” Sajan Paul further added.