OFS officially debuts in the USA with the Pelican Brewing deal

James Magee, the Chief Executive Officer of OFS

Australian manufacturing performance software company, OFS, has made its official debut in the USA with a breakthrough deal with Oregon based craft brewery, Pelican Brewing Company.

With three breweries and brewpubs along the coast near Portland, Pelican has been a staple of the US craft brewing industry since it was established in 1996.

It now produces nearly 50,000 barrels, equivalent to almost 6m litres or 14m schooners every year, serving Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and California and with an eye on further expansion.

OFS and Pelican, a match made in heaven

Pelican Brewing Company produces beer on demand for its retail and consumer customers, which is a key element of the quality and freshness standards to which it holds itself.

The craft brewer was looking for a reliable software solution that could provide better insights to help it identify and resolve issues, improve efficiency, and reduce waste.

Martin Bills, Director of Brewing Operations, Pelican Brewing Company said, “We had used other software before, but it never had the right levels of automation or any real-time data.”

“I can tell if there’s an issue on the line, and in time I can figure out the cause. But OFS gives us that information in real time so we can resolve it and get back to making beer.”

OFS software uses sensors to draw real-time data from the filling and packing lines and combines this with insights from line operators to identify and reduce inefficiencies and waste.

The implementation of OFS hardware and software at Pelican was completed in less than one day. One area where Pelican has seen tremendous value is in starting up production.

Understanding the inefficiencies and inconsistencies in methods and time consumed to perform sanitation and initial quality assurance or quality control checks is very important.

Significant improvement in production line thanks to OFS

Pelican can now identify the delays that occur early in the morning, allowing the team to optimise these processes. Another significant insight and subsequent opportunity that was discovered during the OFS trial at Pelican Brewing Company came from an unlikely source.

OFS identified that the cardboard boxes used on the bottling line wasn’t folding correctly due to quality issues, resulting in one of the biggest causes of unplanned downtime.

Pelican was able to use this data to hold the supplier to account by demonstrating with data, the amount of lost time that had stemmed from poor quality product.

OFS also highlighted hundreds of short, approximately one-minute stops at the filler and crowner, which fills and caps beer bottles.

As these were minor stops, they had gone unnoticed but the data uncovered by OFS broadcasted the opportunity, cost, and that the micro-stops needed to be resolved.

Further, OFS identified that one of Pelican’s canning lines had lost almost a day’s worth of production due to running slower than its rated/costed speed.

The team identified several key reasons behind this and performed experiments to improve speed, which during the trial phase alone has led to a speed increase of more than 10%.

OFS Data providing the intel to grow

Pelican Brewing Company has its sights set on further expansion, buoyed by the renewed energy in the craft beer industry after the slowdown brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pelican has restarted construction of its new brewpub in Lincoln City Oregon, to be completed in 2022. Pelican remains committed to its ‘brew-on-demand’ model to maintain its quality standards and believes the data OFS unlocks will help it to efficiently expand.

“We’re enjoying higher visibility across brewing operations. That data informs our expansion and ensure we’re maximising our efficiency and reducing waste as we increase output.”

“As a passionate brewer, we simply want to make more exceptional beer for our customers because OFS shows us the right questions to ask and the answers to do that.”

James Magee, OFS’ Chief Executive Officer believes that the Australian software provider can become the de facto standard for the US craft brewing industry as it has in Australia.

“We conducted an industry report focusing on US and Australian brewers and found that craft brewers typically spend more than half their time not making beer,” said Magee.

“That’s not a desired state for any craft brewer, and at the core of it the issue is data – or a lack of how to measure performance and make the right changes based on it.”

“This ultimately leads to bad days on the brewing packing line, and we’re on a campaign to relegate those days to the past. Pelican understands this link incredibly well and is making the right data decisions for better days and better beer.”

Pelican is OFS’ first US customer since it launched in the market, with the software the de facto standard in the Australian craft brewing industry with customers including Stomping Ground Brewing Co., Brick Lane Brewing, Tribe Breweries, Moon Dog, and Stone & Wood. OFS currently has proof-of-concept (POC) trials in a number of other breweries in the USA.