Nymbl and ACC to bring app-based mobility program to New Zealand

Nymbl Science has focused their development on creating the first scalable mobility program for older adults, via a mobile app. The Colorado-based firm announced an expansion of its partnership with New Zealand’s Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC), making Nymbl’s award-winning balance training program available to all older adult residents of New Zealand.

Why did ACC pick Nymbl’s program?

In August 2020, Nymbl started a pilot study in New Zealand with 15,000 participants, making it the largest fall prevention study completed outside of a clinical setting. This pilot program was made possible by an association with ACC and its Live Stronger for Longer program.

The study results showed that Nymbl delivers a positive ROI that can be scaled to impact the entire population of older adults in New Zealand. After a rigorous evaluation process, ACC selected Nymbl to be the long-term provider of fall prevention services as part of their continued commitment to empowering older adults to lead thriving, independent lives.

“The team at Nymbl is thrilled to expand our program abroad once again. We learned that in New Zealand, 9 out of 10 older adults required an option for in-home intervention, and we have a program that allows for widespread access to balance training via just a smart phone or device. The feedback we’ve received has been extremely positive, and we love hearing that we’re making an impact,” said Ed Likovich, Chief Executive Officer of Nymbl Science.

What does the partnership mean for New Zealanders?

ACC chose Nymbl so that all older adults in New Zealand could have access to an in-home program to improve strength and balance. The expanded availability of Nymbl’s scientifically proven balance training solution will help New Zealanders to remain active and independent.

“New Zealand historically has one of the most highly engaged fall risk reduction programs in the world. And yet, we found so much value from adding Nymbl to our existing programs – ensuring that older adults in our country can increase their confidence and movement, to keep living the life they want,” said James Whitaker, ACC Injury Prevention Programme Lead.