NuID casts ecosystem giving users the right to own their digital identity

Locke Brown, Chief Executive Officer and founder at NuID

NuID, a decentralized identity and authentication solution, announced the launch of the Nu Identity (NuID) Ecosystem. The Nu Identity ecosystem will provide internet users with the ability to own and control their digital identity across the inter by using services built upon Nu Identity’s foundational zero-knowledge authentication solution. The decentralized nature of the Nu Identity solution creates an inherently portable and user-owned identity platform.

Why is the solution a game changer?

The ecosystem is powered by Kii, a new utility token. The company is using LATOKEN as the launchpad for its IEO and will launch the token in partnership with The Kii Foundation. Kii token holders will be among the first to access the NuID ecosystem, which empowers users to choose what identifying data they want to share on the web, and to whom they share it.

Token holders can use Kii to register their authentication credentials on a public blockchain, issue data attestations, access future identity use cases within the ecosystem and more.

This includes and is not limited to know-your-customer and identity verification, certificate and credential issuance, healthcare and vaccination records, digitized assets, education credentials, verified claims, decentralized data storage, and peer-to-peer identity services.

What were the executives’ thoughts on the solution?

“We are flipping the data ownership dynamic, which benefits both the user and the service provider. Companies have an advantage because they don’t have to secure huge amounts of user data and users  benefit because they no longer have to share their sensitive, identifying information,” adds Ibrahim Pataudi, Vice President Business Development at NuID.

“In a few years, personal data and credentials will be represented on a blockchain by a public identifier that reveals no user data, and cannot be backwards solved for the original secret.”

“Such an ecosystem will provide users the ability to own, control, manage, and permit the use of identity-related data efficiently and allow businesses to become ‘consumers’ of these identities and associated metadata vs. the other way around. This will increase the volume of privacy-centric interactions on the web,” said Locke Brown, CEO and founder at NuID.

To learn more about NuID please visit the website.