IT services provider NTT DATA joins EOI Space’s Global Alliance Program

Christopher Thein (left) and Hidenori Chihara (Right)

EOI Space, a company deploying a constellation of satellites that provide location intelligence to govt and commercial customers, announced a strategic distribution agreement with NTT DATA Corporation, a global digital business and IT services firm, to bring EOI Space’s ultra-high-resolution earth imagery technology exclusively to customers in the Japanese market.

What does the partnership mean for NTT DATA?

NTT DATA is the first official partner in EOI Space’s Global Alliance Program, a limited group of organizations with priority access to EOI Space’s satellite content and services. Through this partnership, NTT DATA will deploy EOI Space’s state-of-the-art technology, the Stingray constellation of Very Low Earth Orbit (VLEO) satellites, to deliver high-capacity data that clients need to detect and respond to potential natural disasters and public safety threats.

EOI Space will launch the first satellite in 2024 with five more to launch in 12 months while NTT DATA is building a Secure Access Facility in Japan to access the Stingray constellation.

“By utilizing EOI Space’s Stingray constellation, we will be able to accumulate large amounts of very high-resolution imagery in our data center. Using our latest AI, we will provide value-added products to our customers by extracting the differences from past and newly collected data to detect anomalies,” said Hideyuki Nakamura, Executive Manager from NTT DATA.

“We will be able to expand the use of the imagery into various disaster prevention systems and facility maintenance projects that will be developed in the future, creating new products.”

How are satellites essential to humanity?

Satellites are becoming increasingly essential to the daily lives and well-being of communities around the world. Powered by its proprietary plasma propulsion system, EOI Space’s Stingray constellation operates in an orbit that’s closer to the earth compared to other satellites in the market, allowing the satellites to capture near real-time 15 cm high-resolution imagery.

“EOI Space and NTT DATA are building a long-term partnership and with the construction of NTT DATA’s Secure Access Facility, they will be able to deliver valuable data and insights to customers faster than ever. This is an industry where timely delivery of high-quality images matters. We are grateful to have a partner as dedicated to this mission and market as NTT DATA,” commented Christopher Thein, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder at EOI Space.

EOI Space’s patent-pending ion electric propulsion ensures that the satellites operate stably in the lower earth orbit. Additionally, the small size of EOI Space’s Stingray satellites will allow NTT DATA and its customers to access high-resolution imagery and increased data capacity at a lower cost compared to larger satellites that are more expensive to develop and launch.

NTT DATA anticipates more than 70 million dollars in sales of EOI Space’s data and value-added products such as artificial intelligence (AI) analytics by 2028, with most sales expected to be fueled by defense, public safety, and disaster management applications. The company has also joined other minority investors in EOI Space’s Series A round with an equity investment, showing its commitment to EOI Space and the earth observation market.