NPSx and InMoment partner to offer CX practitioners effective solutions

NPSx by Bain & Company and InMoment have announced a strategic partnership to provide companies and CX practitioners with a comprehensive set of customer experience (CX) solutions to support customer loyalty and business growth. InMoment and NPSx are both recognized industry leaders in providing customer feedback management and Net Promoter System and customer experience capabilities through their respective organizations.

What does the partnership mean for joint clients?

This will enable easier access to the products of both firms for clients and provide new integrated solutions for the market. Together, NPSx and InMoment will equip CX leaders with the tools they need to accelerate CX program success by leveraging NPSx’s expertise in CX management and InMoment’s feedback management technology and program expertise.

NPSx experience management solutions include market leading training and certification for CX practitioners, solutions to support transformation of company culture, customer experience accreditation that helps companies prioritize areas for customer experience improvement, and applied AI solutions to support next-generation customer management.

InMoment experience improvement solutions include a leading-edge, AI-based technology platform, and industry and domain customer experience expertise that integrates feedback, market, research, and real-time operational data to help businesses define individual CX initiative goals, listen more intelligently, and deliver true value to customers and businesses.

What does this mean for NPSx and InMoment?

Stanford Swinton, Founder of NPSx
Stanford Swinton, Founder of NPSx

Stanford Swinton, Founder of NPSx commented: “NPSx aims to empower organizations to adopt an unbeatable business strategy that focuses on improving customer lives.”

“This partnership will bring the combined toolkit of market leading customer experience resources from InMoment and NPSx by Bain & Company to even more companies to help them make a difference in the lives of their customers and accelerate sustainable growth.”

“Both business and personal success is about building the best relationships possible and making sure you continue to nurture them along the way. Our partnership with NPSx by Bain & Company is an example of bringing the best tech and brightest CX minds in the industry together to accelerate the value of CX initiatives for our respective clients through continued professional and business success,” said Stephan Thun, Managing Director, InMoment.