Nozomi Networks awarded for exceptional tech and cybersecurity

Edgard Capdevielle, Chief Executive Officer, Nozomi Networks
Edgard Capdevielle, Chief Executive Officer at Nozomi Networks

Frost & Sullivan recognises Nozomi Networks with the 2022 Technology Innovation Leadership Award for accelerating digital transformation of businesses and government organisations with advanced cybersecurity solutions specially designed for threat detection, asset visibility, and high-quality insights for operational technology and the IoT environments.

Nozomi Networks unifies OT and IoT cybersecurity in just one platform with exceptional network visibility, solid threat detection capabilities, and useful operational insights.

Nozomi Networks addresses real-world business challenges

With the rising deployment of Internet-connected systems, the solutions address real-world business challenges to prevent hacking attempts, data breaches, or losing confidential data.

Particularly, Nozomi Networks leveraged cutting-edge tools that reduce cyber risk. Danielle VanZandt, Industry Analyst at Frost & Sullivan was impressed by Nozomi Networks platform.

“Nozomi Networks’ solutions offer deep asset discovery and inventory management that allow security teams to achieve superior security resiliency.”

“The company’s flexible, scalable, and comprehensive Vantage and Guardian solutions provide complete IT, IoT, and Operation Technology visibility providing actionable insights that enable clients to secure their environment and improve their security posture over time.”

In 2021 the company increased its customer base, and its products gained more relevancy as cyberattacks reached an all-time high and the demand for reliable security solutions peaked.

Nozomi Networks is well-positioned in the cybersecurity industry with its effective approach based on minimising risk while maximising operational security in key sectors such as manufacturing, logistics, automotive, transportation, food, and energy.

Nozomi Networks redefining cybersecurity

In addition, Nozomi Networks provides best-in-class support to ensure its customers can face emerging threats and new vulnerabilities in the market with a spectrum of videos, reports, webinars, podcasts, and guides, among other valuable resources.

The company has a very loyal customer base with a 100% customer retention rate.

“The company provides exceptional service, earning its clients’ trust and satisfaction and a Net Promoter Score of 89, where scores above 70 are rare and considered excellent.”

“Nozomi Networks achieves an 85% win rate, serving as a testament to its game-changing tech,” noted Tara Semon, Best Practices Research Team Leader at Frost & Sullivan.

“The company’s solutions map a client’s environment, enabling security personnel to view how devices connect to each other and how vulnerabilities can navigate throughout the network, exposing security gaps that require remediation.”

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